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Do You Know Any Fruit That Starts With A? Here Is The List Of 20 Fruits

Are you fed up with the daily fruits that you eat every day? There is a chance for you to try something new. 

How about the fruit that starts with A? You will certainly be surprised at how many unusual fruits that start with A are in the world. Battersby will help you discover these delicious fruits that you may have not yet eaten. 

The List Of Fruits That Start With The Letter A

Sweet or sour, juicy or spongy, the list of these fruits that begin with A will help you widen your knowledge of fruits and vegetables in the world.

1. Abiu

fruit that starts with a


Abiu is a domestic fruit in South America. The Abiu tree likes wet and warm conditions to grow.

The shape of Abiu is rather similar to a peach. When they are ripe, the color will turn golden yellow.

To the peach, you can enjoy both the thin skin and the tasty flesh. However, you should just eat the juicy flesh of the fresh abiu as the thick skin is not edible. 

2. Acai Palm

fruit that starts with a battersby 2

Acai Palm

Acain palm is a domestic plant in South America and Central America. Everyone often uses acai palm as a juice for the meal. They take this juice to create wine. 

Although a majority of people in the world treat acai palms as the fruits, Central American and South American eat these berries as a vegetable. 

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3. Acerola cherries

fruit that starts with a battersby 3


Acerola cherries are tropical fruits that potentially contain the largest content of vitamin C. While the acerola fruit seems to resemble tart cherries, they are not true cherries. 

Acerola, a fruit beginning with A, is quite vulnerable, so people mostly sell it commercially with the supplement form. Local people who consume the fruit fresh regularly say that the flavor is fresh but a little astringent. 

4. Ackee 

fruit that starts with a battersby 4


Ackee, also called ackee apple, is a fruit growing on the evergreen tree. When the ackee apple fruit ripens, the color ranges from pale green to a bright red to yellow-orange. 

The tree can produce fruits during the whole of the year with double fruit-growing seasons. Ackee tastes similar to nuts and has a spongy texture. 

5. African Cherry Orange

fruit that starts with a battersby 5

African Cherry Orange

African Cherry Oranges are unusual citrus fruits that resemble and taste similar to tangerines and oranges. 

6. African Star Apple

fruit that starts with a battersby 6

African Star Apple

African Star Apples are not picked. Rather, people allow them to fall from the tree. 

Unlike the star fruit, the African star apples have large seeds making the shape of the star. This fruit can be eaten raw as snacks. The skin is bright orange, and the flavor is sweet. 

7. Akebia

fruit that starts with a battersby 7


Akebia fruits are native in Asia. The taste is similar to a mixture of banana, passion fruit, and lychee. 

The flavor will vary by the type of akebia fruit. The akebia has an elongated shape with thin purple peel and white-off flesh. This fruit can be eaten fresh and cooked.

8. Alligator apple

fruit that starts with a battersby 8

Alligator apple

Alligator apples grow on alligator apple trees. As the name refers, the alligator actually enjoys eating this fruit. 

Human beings also consume alligator apples. The flavor looks like honeydew. Therefore, these apples are normally made into jam. 

9. Avocado

fruit that starts with a battersby 9


The well-known avocado is a fruit that start with a. A large number of people love avocados with a pear-like shape. It is the reason why there are many foods made from this delicious fruit. 

The avocado grows in any location as long as the environmental condition is suitable. This fruit is very popular because of several health benefits.

The archeologist believes that South America was one of the earliest areas growing avocados. Another name for avocados is “alligator pears” that people often call.

10. Almond

fruit that starts with a battersby 10


Almonds are not real tree nuts. They are more fruit. The ancient growing areas for this fruit include Mediterranean regions, North Africa, and Southern Europe. 

Seeds but not skins are edible as snacks. People can make almond milk and flour from these nuts. Although this fruit is not a real tree nut, the nutrition is very similar. People can also eat unripe almonds whole before they become hard. The flavor is sour.

11. Alpine strawberry

fruit that starts with a battersby 11

Alpine strawberry

The Alpine strawberry is a domestic fruit in Europe and Asia. It looks funny and petite with red skin.

Alpine strawberries have a paler flavor than popular strawberries. Then, farmers often grow them as an ornament or to make them into a preserve.

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12. Alupag

fruit that starts with a battersby 12


Alupag is a relative of lychee. It has brown rough skin with a small amount of white juicy flesh and a single big seed. 

Alupag gains popularity in Southeast Asia. Still, other areas know more lychee. The flesh but not the skin is eaten raw as a snack.

13. Amanatsu

fruit that starts with a battersby 13


Amanatsus are grapefruit-sized oranges that are traditional fruits in Japan. It is a relative of the ugli fruit in the family Rutaceae.

The name literally refers to “sweet summer.” People often remove the thick yellow skin and eat them fresh. Hagi, a city in Japan, is famous for growing amanatsu. 

14. Amara

fruit that starts with a battersby 14


Amar, a fruit starting with A, is also called Spondias mombin, June plum, or hog plum. The inedible outer skin is green and plumpy dotted with small black marks. When these fruits are ripe, the color turns golden yellow.

Inside is the white flesh around a large seed. Amara can make juice or a supplement for desserts such as sorbet. Thai people even take the young leaf as a flavoring blend with chili powder. This leaf is also used to make tea.

15. Amazon Tree Grape

fruit that starts with a battersby 15

 Amazon Tree Grape

Amazon Tree Grape is a traditional fruit in South America. It features a sweet flavor that produces delicious jams. People also can eat it fresh

16. Anchovy Pear

fruit that starts with a battersby 16

Anchovy Pear

Anchovy pears are Asian pears in the West Indies. It grows on the evergreen nut tree in swampy areas. This Asian pear is often eaten pickled. The taste is quite similar to mango.

17. Annatto

fruit that starts with a battersby 17


Regularly used as seasonings or condiments, annatto contains a mildly sweet flavor with aromas of flowers, nuts, and peppers. 

This fruit has a wonderful orange-red hue because of the high content of carotenoid. Those pigments often exist in some other red and orange products like oranges. Then, annatto is a popular ingredient to color natural food. 

18. Apple

fruit that starts with a battersby 18


The apple fruits start with letter A on this list that are one of the top thanks to its popularity. The apple trees are likely to have originated in Asia. Currently, farmers cultivate these apple trees in most of the areas in the world. 

People can eat this fruit raw, cook, or make the sauce, jam, cider, and juice. Many employ it as flavorings in some foods such as sausages and meat dishes. Other people eat the apple dessert such as the pie and pastry. 

The thin yellow-red peel and the pale yellow flesh are edible, except for those small black seeds.  

19. Apple Berry

fruit that starts with a battersby 19

Apple Berry

Another name for the apple berry is “apple dumpling.” The fruit is not similar to the apple. It features an elongated body. 

The fruit gets this name since many propose the apple berry tastes like the stewed apple or the kiwi fruit. Gardeners in Australia like this delicious fruit owing to its appearance and the feature to attract the bird. 

20. Apple guava

fruit that starts with a battersby 20

Apple guava

The apple guava is a fruit with a spherical shape that seems to resemble the classic apple.

This fruit is one of more than a hundred varieties of guava. People often eat it raw. The thin light green skin, white-off flesh, and small yellow seeds are edible.


There are so many fruits that start with A. Have you ever eaten all or just some of them? Let’s try these fruits as they are so delicious and can make tasty food.


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