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How to dispose of knives? A Step-By-Step Guide

There is a very immoral situation going on all around us. That is the fact that households dispose of old kitchen knives in the wrong way. This leads to great harm to the community, especially to environmental companies. With small actions, you can help many people. So let’s find out with Battersby how to throw away knives safely.

How to dispose of knives?

When disposing of knives, you need to take safety measures. Below are steps to dispose of knives safely.

  • Step 1: Wrap the blade with newspaper or paper and wrap it tightly with tape
  • Step 2: Fix the knife to the cardboard
  • Step 3: Put it into the carton container
  • Step 4: Throw knives in the trash

You can write a message outside the carton box. This is so important. This will make it easier for the garbage collector to see if there are dangerous objects inside.

Remember that you must put the wrapped knife in a “piece of cardboard” box and throw it away. If you intend to throw the knife away, put the knife in the box before throwing it out. 

Be sure to seal the box with duct tape before tossing it in the bin. This will reduce the risk of injury to the garbage collector.

Even dull blades can cause cuts, which are dangerous for knife users. Before throwing the knife away, wrap it tightly to avoid injury. Then choose a suitable disposal method.

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How to get rid of kitchen knives 

How to wrap a knife before throwing it away

1. Use bubble wrap

If you intend to throw the old kitchen knives away, bubble bags are the best choice. Let’s securely wrap the blade. It helps prevent injuries and accidents during disposal.

You may need to wrap the knife in meat wrap first. Then, wrap the knife around several layers of bubble wrap.

If necessary, wrap a layer of duct tape around the bubble wrap to keep it secure.

2. Try cardboard

Consider wrapping an extra layer of cardboard when throwing away knives. You can put the knife in an old shoebox or other kinds of cardboard boxes before throwing it out.

You can use these ways if you want to give a knife to someone.

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3. Use other materials

If you don’t have a piece of cardboard or bubble wrap, you can use some layers of newspaper, old clothes, and socks. 

You can also use any material that is easy to wrap around the blade. Simply wrap the knife in several layers of your chosen material. If necessary, wrap the tape around the material to secure the knife.

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How to dispose of old knives 

What to do with old knives?

1. Recycling knives

If your local metal recycling facility center accepts metal recycling, you can recycle a knife. If unsure about the recycling center’s policy, call during business hours and ask. Let’s make sure to wrap your knives tightly before recycling them.

2. Contact a professional knife sharpener.

Even if the knife is no longer in use, it is still beneficial. It is nevertheless well worth the time to contact a professional knife sharpener. 

Visit the yellow pages and the internet to see if you can find a knife sharpener in your area. Knife sharpeners may want to buy an old stainless steel knife. They can repair and reuse it. 

3. Consider donating

You can also donate this knife. Even though the blade is blunt, someone may need to repurchase the knife to sharpen and reuse it. Check with local businesses or neighbors to see if they need knives for donations. Some organizations such as Salvation Army or Goodwill often accept this kind of item.

4. Sell ​​scrap metal

Let’s see what metal your knife is. Most knives are of steel, iron, or some alloy. Depending on the type of metal, you can sell scrap. Look online or on the yellow pages and call local to see if anyone is in need of scrap metal knives.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Dispose of kitchen knives 

1. How to get rid of your old knives

Avoid exposing knives anywhere while awaiting disposal, such as on the sidewalk.

Donate to a local charity team. They may need this knife as a cooking tool while on patrol.

2. What should I do in case I find a sharp object?

You can safely dispose of them.

Should do:

  • Use gloves and tongs or a shovel and dust collector to pick up sharps
  • Put sharp things in the container
  • Leave sharp items out of reach of children and pets
  • Contact us if you have questions or need help

Should not do:

  • Put sharp naked objects in the trash
  • Flush sharp items down the toilet
  • Cut and bend sharp objects

3. What is the meaning of handling sharp waste?

Proper disposal of your used sharps has many benefits. It helps protect families, communities, society, garbage collection companies, and the environment. DO NOT DIRECTLY THROW SHARP OBJECTS IN THE TRASH! Please remember, ALL LABEL IMAGES MUST BE IN APPROVED BOXES.

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4. How to properly store knives?

Knives are metal, so they are easy to rust. So you always need to clean before storing. Here’s what you need to remember, so you don’t have to throw them away:

  • Do not store the knife in a humid place. You should use a soft towel to dry and store the knife in its sheath to increase the life of the knife.
  • Should have its storage
  • Avoid places with high temperatures (it is easy to cause the knife to deform or the plastic handle to melt)
  • It is necessary to sharpen the knife regularly with a fine stone or a knife sharpener
  • Avoid sharpening on the bottom of the bowl. It is easy to make the knife heat up and warp and not achieve the desired sharpness
  • To prevent the knife from rusting, you can apply a little cooking oil to the knife surface. Besides, you can also apply ginger to the knife surface to prevent it from rusting 
  • You can also soak the knife in rice water before storing it.
  • Remember to wash it before reuse.


There are many methods to dispose of old knives. However, the above is how to dispose of kitchen knives most safely. This will avoid unwanted risks to environmental staff. Don’t forget to join us to stay up to date with the latest home and lifestyle news.

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