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How To Cook Frozen Bacon In The Oven? [Best Tips For Cooking]

How to cook frozen bacon in the oven? Regarding cooking with an oven, many people feel confused. However, Battersby is sure that there is no damage in frying uncooked bacon. Bacon is high in fat, which even aids in its thawing. 

If you want to use an oven for cooking frozen bacon, you need to thaw the bacon first. Then, preheat oven. Once the bacon can split into pieces, you can start to bake it in the oven. 

Can You Cook Frozen Bacon?

You can cook bacon straight from the freezer. Simply reheat freezer bacon on a low flame until they start to break. Slowly increase the temperature and fry the split bacon pieces until they are fully done.

You can also cook other varieties of frozen ham without reheating. However, like with different meat, frozen pork foods may take up to 50% longer to cook than defrosted pork products.

cook frozen bacon

You can cook frozen bacon

How To Cook Frozen Bacon In Oven?

Cooking frozen bacon in oven isn’t as difficult as it may sound. Because of the quantity of fat included in the bacon, using the oven may be the only method of cooking it without using the excess fat you’d typically use.

Let’s follow these simple steps, and you will have a tasty meal:

Cooking frozen bacon

You’re good to go if you freeze the pieces individually or if you can peel those apart effortlessly. 

When you refrigerate bacon, it almost always forms a huge solid block that is tough to crack into separate slices. You can also cook it in a reasonable amount of time. To release the thick cut bacon, begin by heating the whole block over low heat. 

cook frozen bacon battersby 2

Frozen bacon comes in a huge solid block 

The simplest method is to place the ice block in a pan and cook it over a low flame. To achieve uniform cooking, remember to turn the block often.

Otherwise, you can use aluminum foil to line a thick preparation sheet. Preheat oven to 400°F for broiling.

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Baking frozen bacon

Place the bacon pieces on the prepared baking sheet, spacing them out by 1 inch. Then, put the sheet in the oven.

cook frozen bacon battersby 3

Place the bacon pieces 

Cooking time for your bacon is now 17 to 20 minutes. The hydrolyzing ice on the thawed bacon will contact the boiling oil throughout the preparation cycle, protecting you from becoming struck. 

To avoid using the heating surface, you can use broiler gloves. Finally, transfer your bacon to a paper-lined serving dish. You can learn more tips to bake bacon in the oven via this video.

How To Cook Bacon From Frozen With A Frying Pan?

You can cook frozen bacon in the same manner as cooking it when it hasn’t frozen. The only big difference is that the frozen slices remain stuck together. As a result, you must first release them.

Separate the bacon strips

Just like when you cook frozen bacon in the oven, you need to thaw your food first. There are several ways to defrost frozen bacon, which we will discuss in the next section.

Cook bacon strips

Then, cook your bacon as you usually would, adding a few minutes to make up for its frozen state. Some slices require a 50% increase in cooking time when cooked from frozen. However, bacon strips are thin so that they just need about one or two minutes.

Here are detailed instructions on how to make bacon crispy:

  • Increase the temperature to medium heat level.
  • Allow your bacon to fry until it begins to crackle. Start turning the bacon slices every several minutes at this stage to ensure equal heating.
  • Place the bacon on a paper towel-lined plate once it has turned out to be well-browned or to your preferred doneness level. You’ve completed the task!

cook frozen bacon battersby 5

Cook bacon from frozen with a pan

How To Defrost Bacon?

Although you can cook most frozen bacon straight away, it is also possible to defrost it first and cook it as usual. 

If you like to deal with thawed bacon, defrosting may be a better option. A few simple melting techniques are right below.

In refrigerator

Using the fridge is the most sanitary option to defrost a pack of frozen bacon. You just need to store it in its packaging in the refrigerator until it thaws to a consistently fluffy texture. 

cook frozen bacon battersby 6

Fridge is the most sanitary option to defrost bacon 

Depending on the refrigerator’s temperature, the defrosting time might take anywhere from a few hours up to one day.

This technique of defrosting bacon usually results in the bacon remaining valid for the most extended period. It’s almost as though you put new bacon in the refrigerator right away. Within one week, you may feel free to refreeze or cook the bacon.

Before cooling down loose bacon pieces, put them in a ziplock bag. This method can help avoid dehydration effects from chilly fridge air.

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In cold water

Defrosting the frozen bacon in cold water is the most straightforward method. You don’t have to prepare much, and it still works well. 

First, fill the basin with cold water. Place the bacon packet in the water and set it aside. If your bacon floats, use a heavy dish to hold it down. It may take 10 to 15 minutes for smaller packets to defrost thoroughly. More oversized items might need an hour to reach. 

If the process requires longer than half an hour, replace the water.

Don’t use warm or hot water. It will cause the exterior of your bacon to heat up faster than the interior, degrading the flavor and perhaps allowing harmful bacteria to thrive.

Also, thaw bacon in its package and make sure the pack is airtight. Once your bacon contacts the water directly, it will turn out unsanitary, and its texture can change.

cook frozen bacon battersby 7

Bacon must stay in an airtight bag 

In microwave

Defrosting bacon in the microwave appears to be the most popular and fastest method. It allows us to adjust the temperature too.

Thaw the frozen bacon on a plate for three minutes at a time. Then, examine the texture after each thawing. To expedite the defrosting process, split your bacon as it cools down.

If you want to keep your bacon in its package, make some holes in it to enable it to breathe. The steam can grow up and form an explosion if there isn’t any hole for the airflow to escape.

cook frozen bacon battersby 8

Microwave is the most popular method to defrost bacon 

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions regarding cooking frozen bacon. Battersby hopes that you can benefit from the answers.

1. What’s the deal with my bacon not being crispy?

The key to making bacon crispy is to set the right temperature. Allow your bacon to come to room temperature for about fifteen minutes before cooking it. It will quicken the dissolving of fat, resulting in crispy, not burned fat.

cook frozen bacon battersby 9

Crispy bacon 

2. How long can bacon last?

Unopened bacon can stay in the refrigerator for about two weeks. If you freeze your bacon, it can last for eight months. However, unwrapped but raw bacon will only stay about a week in the fridge and up to six months if you freeze.

3. Can I cook bacon in an air fryer?

Cooking bacon in the air fryer is fine, but ensure that you are using the correct temperature and your air fryer basket is clean before you proceed.

The ideal temperature for air frying bacon is 350°F. Crisping the bacon in this manner prevents it from smoking or burning.

cook frozen bacon battersby 10 1

Use an air fryer to cook bacon 


We have shared with you some tips for how to cook frozen bacon in the oven. The key to having a perfect dish is to thaw your frozen bacon properly.

Once you have done it correctly, the oven will be in charge of the rest. You will indeed have an enjoyable meal with your well frozen cooked bacon.

Hopefully, you will find this article helpful. If you need any further information, please feel free to ask. Thank you for reading!

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