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Flank Steak Vs Skirt Steak: What Are The Differences?

Steak lovers spend some time finding the best steak cut for their delicious meal. Have you chosen your favorite? 

Today, Battersby will compare flank steak vs skirt steak. They are two of the most popular steak cuts. Let’s read on to see if they fit you or not!

Flank Steaks

Flank steak is a steak cut that originates from the flank portion of a cow and is larger, thicker, and flatter. 

The cut comes from a severe workload on an abdomen during the animal’s lifetime. As a result, it’s lean and rough, especially in comparison to other popular steak cuts like filets or ribeye. 

Flank steak can deal well with the steak marinades and has strong meaty tastes that may boost with some heat when grilled.

flank steak vs skirt steak battersby 1

Flank steak 

Skirt Steaks

Skirt steak is a thin, long cut from the cow’s diaphragm muscle. 

The skirt steak comes from muscles found inside the abdominal muscle, which is also the plate region of the horse. This muscle sits behind the ribs and works hard throughout the steer’s life, making it a naturally tough and lean cut.

Skirt steak cuts usually have a lot of fat all over them and cling to them, which helps to soften the meat while it’s on the barbecue. Skirt steak has a rich meaty taste that, when cooked correctly, can create a wonderful dinner.

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Skirt steak 

Similarity Between Skirt Steak Vs Flank Steak

Both flank and skirt steak have several characteristics in common, particularly when compared to other kinds of steak cuts. The following is a list of significant similarities between them:

  • Both skirt and flank steak are lean and tender cuts. As a result, you should cook each medium or medium rare to maintain the meat soft and flawless in texture.
  • These cuts all have a rich meaty taste. 
  • Both flank and skirt steak react smoothly to marinades, which may assist in taste and soften your food.
  • These cuts benefit from quick cooking over high temperature for a crispy exterior layer while remaining medium or medium rare on the interior. If you overcook, you’ll end up with a dry and chewy dish.
  • Both cuts are incredibly cheap per pound when compared to other varieties of steak.
  • Each cut has a distinctive muscle grain that makes it easy to recognize and simplifies the final processing of the steaks. When making these cuts, always try to cut against their grain.

flank steak vs skirt steak

Flank steak vs skirt steak 

Difference Between Flank Steak And Skirt Steak

Is skirt steak the same as flank steak? No, they share some features in common, as listed above. However, they are different in terms of shape, taste, tenderness, and price. 

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Skirt steaks appear to be long, thin, and slender. Flanks, on the other hand, are significantly thicker and more oval-shaped than skirts.


The taste of both chops is meaty. Skirt steaks, however, are more flavorful than flank steaks due to the enhanced fat content. Regardless of whether you have the outside or inside skirt, they will be the same.


These aren’t filet mignon slices. They have a fantastic flavor but are a bit difficult to chew.

The inner skirt seems to be more tender than that of the flank. The outside skirt tends to be more equally matched than the flank and may possibly be softer. If tenderness is essential to you, keep this point in mind.

You may tenderize your cuts with a mallet. Overnight marinating in citrus and olive oil can help to soften the steak.


Skirt steak is a less expensive cut. Compared with the flank steak, it has a rougher texture that makes it less flexible to different recipes.

Because of its sensitive nature, many people favor the flank steak. This cut enables them to cook flank steak for extended periods without making it get chewy.

Although the skirt steak is less expensive, both cuts are affordable.

flank steak vs skirt steak battersby 4

Skirt steak is cheaper 

You can learn more about the difference between flank steak vs skirt steak via this video.

How To Cook Flank Steak And Skirt Steak

No matter what sort of grill you use, you can prepare flank steak and skirt steak easily.

  • Simply preheat the grill to between 425 and 450°F. 
  • If you’re using a charcoal grill, light the fire using a chimney starter and then put coals in the grill to warm. If you are using a gas grill, fire the burners and tune the temperature knobs to the proper settings. 
  • Searing may happen at 350°F or beyond, but the hotter the grill is, the more apparent the sear would be.
  • Lay the steak on the grate when your grill has achieved the right temperature. Then, push it down hard to ensure that the overall cut contacts the grates. 
  • Depending on the thickness of your cut, you may just need to fry it for two minutes per side for the skirt steak. After two minutes, flip your pan and grill the other side for another two minutes.
  • The procedure would be the same for flank steak. However, because the flank is thicker, cooking times will indeed be longer. 
  • Flank beef usually cooks for 3 or 4 minutes on each side on the grill for a nice medium rare brown. 
  • If you like the medium doneness, place your steak on the rack with a low heat for a few minutes longer.

flank steak vs skirt steak battersby 5

Grill the steak 

Tips For Cutting Against The Grain

Taking the steak out of the grill doesn’t end the preparation.

One of the most essentials to get perfect before serving the steak is cutting. It may not definitely be a significant change, but thinly sliced steak shows the difference between the ordinary and flawless performance.

Each of these steaks has long, tough muscle fibers running through it. The grain in skirt steak goes along the short end of the cut, while flank steak grain comes along the large side.

If you cut the steak parallel to the grain, you’ll end up with pieces that are extremely difficult to break and chew. 

If you cut against the grain, on the other hand, the tough fibers will break down, making the steak pieces much softer and easier to eat.

flank steak vs skirt steak battersby 6

Find the grain to cut your steak properly 

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about skirt steak, flank steak, and the difference between flank and skirt steak.

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1. Skirt vs flank steak, which is better to stir fry?

Flank steaks come in flat and large strips, making them simple to fit the size to stir fry. On the other hand, the skirt steaks have slimmer strips. They will break down more quickly. So, the skirt steak is a better choice if you want to stir fry.

2. Flank vs skirt steak, which has a more strong beefy flavor?

The skirt steak gives a stronger beefy flavor than the flank steak. It contains more tough muscle fibers. The flavor also depends on your flank steak recipes and skirt steak recipes. 

3. How long should I marinate skirt and flank steaks?

It would be best to marinate skirt steak and flank steak for four to twelve hours. If you’re going to cook skirt steak, you should leave it overnight. 


Battersby has shared with you the difference between flank and skirt steak. Both cuts are fantastic. It’s your preference to determine the better one.

Hopefully, you will find this article helpful. If you need any further information, please feel free to ask. Thank you for reading!

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