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The Best Kitchen Knife Set 2022 Are on Sale at Amazon: Reviews, Top Picks & Useful Tips

The best kitchen knife set with full functions can make your cooking job much easier. Currently, there are many different types of knives as well as different models from many different brands. With this article, we will introduce to readers the top 10 best knife sets today.


In-Depth Reviews for Top 10 Best Kitchen Knife Set On The Market

1. McCook MC29 Knife Sets German Stainless Knife Set

Product’s Highlights

The first favorite product that you cannot ignore is the McCook MC29. This brand is very popular and increasingly dominant in the market.

The knife holder is also made of stainless steel. Design the product to fit users’ aim of use.

The 15 products in the knife set feature exquisite designs from the chamfer to the tip. The handle design is easy to hold and easy to operate.

McCook has carried out rigorous manufacturing and testing on this set of knives. Each knife has to go through a minimum of 5 tests before it goes on the market.

McCook MC29 Knife Sets,15 Pieces German Stainless Steel Kitchen Knife Block Sets with Built-in Sharpener
as of April 9, 2024 6:06 pm


  • McCook’s Unique Edge Sharpening Technology
  • Precise cutting line
  • Long worn out
  • Ergonomic handle
  • 1 hardwood stand included
  • The 15-piece knife can perform a variety of tasks
  • Easy to clean
  • High quality 12-piece stainless steel knife set
  • Stainless steel hollow handle


  • A built-in sharpener is pretty not useful.

Bottom line

The McCook set is safe. So you can use it with all confidence. Knife material is stainless steel monolithic with wear resistance. It always maintains its luster over time. Besides, cleaning during and after use is also very easy.

2. Imarku 15 Pieces Kitchen Knife Sets

Product’s Highlights

The imarku brand has always been a leading name in the field of kitchenware manufacturing with many years of experience.

The imarku knife products always have very high accuracy and designs that meet food safety standards.

The imarku knives have always been famous for their modern production processes. They have modern equipment. In addition, the products have to go through an extremely rigorous testing process.

Imarku knife block set is the achievement of highly qualified engineers and many years of experience in the profession.

The product has a design in a very strong style. The high-sharp knife head provides absolute precision when using.

The chef’s knife is precision forged from high carbon German stainless steel. This material has provided optimum wear resistance.

The handle and blade have a very high degree of seamlessness. It minimizes the situation of bacteria that can cause food poisoning.

Kitchen Knife Set, imarku 15 Pieces German Stainless Steel Chef Knife Block Set with Sharpener, Silver
as of April 9, 2024 6:06 pm


  • The knife block set comes with 15 pieces
  • 15 piece stainless steel
  • High quality stainless German carbon steel material
  • Optimum sharpness and smoothness
  • Prestigious brand
  • Good price
  • Stainless steel hollow handle


  • The handle is quite slippery

Bottom line

Thanks to the imarku knife block set, your cooking will be simpler than ever. You will surely love this housework more and more. 

After a period of use, the blade of this chef’s knife still retains its original structure, without cracking. So it is one of the best kitchen knives on the market in 2022.

3. J.A. Henckels International Kitchen Knife Set 

Product’s Highlights

Knife block set J.A. Henckels 13550-005 is a product from the Henckels brand of household appliances. It is popular with many customers around the world.

Just look at the huge number of reviews on Amazon – 10,974 ratings and you can tell how reputable it is.

The Henckels knives are available in the most luxurious luxury kitchens.

Knife block set J.A. Henckels 13550-005 comes with many outstanding advantages.

Production materials always ensure optimal quality with 3 popular steel types such as stainless steel.

HENCKELS Statement Kitchen Knife Set with Block, 15-pc, Chef Knife, Steak Knife set, Kitchen Knife Sharpener, Light Brown

8 new from $139.95
1 used from $168.99
Free shipping
as of April 9, 2024 6:06 pm


  • Trusted brand
  • Dishwasher safe
  • 5 inches serrated utility
  • Solid triple riveted handle
  • 3 inch paring knife
  • 7-inch Santoku knife
  • Steel hollow handle block


  • Not good as steak knives

Bottom line

Chef’s knife from the Henckels brand receives high praise for product longevity. Besides, it also has the best corrosion resistance and durability. 

Knifemaker Henckels perfectly combines temperature and pressure when making knives. It gives hardness, toughness, durability to the product.

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4. Elegant Life 15-Piece Kitchen Knife Set 

Product’s Highlights

Elegant Life brand is the world’s leading knife manufacturer with a quality assurance product.

The best knife sets Elegant Life is always present in the world’s top high-end kitchens.

The way of making the knife is very special. The knife maker forges each knife from a single piece of steel. It creates a level of balance in volume and texture harmony.

The handle goes with a design that optimizes comfort. At the same time, the issue of food safety is also important.


  • Nice triple riveted handle
  • Extremely sharp
  • 15 piece stainless steel
  • Stainless steel knives
  • Suitable for home cooks
  • Full tang handle
  • Utility knife
  • Wood block included


  • It’s heavy so it’s a bit difficult to use

Bottom line

Advanced production technology does not create any cracks on the surface of the product. Material is from steel with hard forging technology. It creates very high resistance to abrasion and scratches. The “professional chefs” knives from Elegant Life are sure to please any customer.

5. Japanese Knife Set, imarku 16-Piece

Product’s Highlights

A specialized knife is essential for midwives. The imarku knife brand has appeared on the market for a long time. It always meets design standards thanks to a team of highly skilled workers.

The Imarku knife products are always of good quality, high safety. The main composition of the knife is from high carbon stainless steel.

The imarku knife block set possesses several outstanding characteristics that make it invincible. The outer coating is highly resistant to corrosion and scratches. The slim knife block set comes in 16 types with many different designs. It gives customers many choices.

Rust-free knife surface ensures food safety for users. 

Japanese Knife Set, imarku 16-Piece Professional Kitchen Knife Set with Block, Chef Knife Set with Knife Rod, German High Carbon Steel Kitchen Knives Set

3 new from $198.99
Free shipping
as of April 9, 2024 6:06 pm


  •  Nice triple riveted handle
  • Top reputable knife brand
  • Competitive price
  • High carbon stainless steel material 


  • Steak knife not so great

Bottom line

The balance of the force provides a comfortable grip. Design and forging techniques reach a very high level of craftsmanship. The tail of the knife comes with triple rivets for sure. 

This 16-piece knife set costs about $200 on Amazon. It deserves to be the top choice for chefs or housewives in the family.

6. TUO Damascus Knife Set with Wooden Block

Product’s Highlights

Emerging on the market in recent times is the TUO 6 piece knife block set ceramic knife line. It comes with many rather distinctive designs and materials.

The Japanese AUS-10 Steel material, through the talented hands of the artisan, becomes an extremely delicate knife. The product has optimal durability with a pleasant natural fragrance.

When using this knife, the food still retains its natural and delicious taste. The 6 piece knife block set from TUO Damascus is the pinnacle of today’s knife manufacturing technology.

TUO Damascus Knife Set with Wooden Block - Professional Kitchen Knife Set - Japanese AUS-10 Damascus Steel & Full Tang G10 Handle - Ring-D Series - 6 pcs Knife Set with Gift Box

2 new from $499.95
Free shipping
as of April 9, 2024 6:06 pm


  • The top 9-piece knife set is a great choice for the family
  • High-quality AUS 10 steel
  • Ultra-sharp chef’s knife
  • Knife with blade angle 12 to 15 degrees
  • Comfortable G10 grip


  • Very high price

Bottom line

The piece’s slim knife block is revolutionary and the sharpness of the knife is very respectable. The hardness of AUS-10 is much higher than that of ordinary steel. Good anti-rust properties. The knife has almost no signs of wear after a period of use.

7. Master Maison German Stainless Knives

Product’s Highlights

Master Maison 19 Piece Premium Knife Set w/Block is the next product Battersby would like to introduce to you. The Master Maison 19 piece knife block set offers many outstanding advantages.

The material of the knife is strictly selected from Germany. German stainless steel is the main material of this knife. Therefore, it has a very high hardness.

The blade is very thin and sharp, creating a very strong force. As a result, the slices will become neat and precise.

Knives have a very high chemical inertness. Therefore, it does not affect the taste or properties of the food.

The surface has a perfectly polished finish. As a result, you don’t have to worry about sticky or greasy problems.

The product is much lighter in weight than other knives.

The ability to slice and cut vegetables has very high accuracy.

Master Maison 19-Piece Premium Kitchen Knife Set With Wooden Storage Block | German Stainless Steel Knife Block With 8 Steak Knives, Sharpener & All-Purpose Household Shears, Walnut
as of April 9, 2024 6:06 pm


  • Super competitive price
  • 19 knives are the complete collection for your dish
  • 4 inch paring knife
  • High carbon German steel
  • 5 inch serrated utility
  • 1-year warranty
  • Suitable to give as gifts


  • Paring knives are often out of sharp
  • Steak knives are also not suitable for perfect cuts of beef

Bottom line

Master Maison 19 Piece Premium Knife Set w/Block is one of the best knife sets for home cooks. With this versatile knife set, you will optimize your kitchen work.

Besides, it helps you to make dishes quickly and professionally like a cooking master.

In general, the price on Amazon is very soft. You should take advantage of this opportunity to buy the best kitchen knife set for your family right away!

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8. HEZHEN 7PCS Kitchen Knives Set 

Product’s Highlights

The HEZHEN 7PCS Kitchen Knives Set is famous as the best professional knife set in 2022. This prestigious knife set has undergone rigorous manufacturing and testing. Positive user reviews are proof of its durability and applicability in life.

This is one of our best kitchen knife sets that offer a 7 piece forged knife. Therefore, it meets the diverse needs of using knives for different dishes.

When used in a kitchen environment, knives are frequently exposed to water, kitchen smoke, and food. 

However, HEZHEN knives remove these restrictions. You can still use it with peace of mind because the product is very difficult to damage and does not corrode.

HEZHEN 7PCS Kitchen Knives Set Professional Forging Damascus High Carbon Steel Chef Knife Santoku Bread Knife Utility Knife Fruit Knife 3cr14 Multifunctional Kitchen Scissors 6Slot Black Walnut Block
as of April 9, 2024 6:06 pm


  • 67 layers of Damascus steel
  • The super 10Cr15CoMoV core brings it a hardness of 60-62HRC
  • Good anti-rust
  • The handle is wooden handle and rivet
  • Easy to cut
  • Easy to clean
  • Lifetime warranty


  • High-end knife line should be a bit expensive

Bottom line

The HEZHEN 7 PCS Knives Set offers a great solution for your kitchen. It helps you to reduce the burden of cooking. With HEZHEN, the knife is very safe for the user. Therefore, you can rest assured of buying a knife set like HEZHEN.

9. Kitchen Damascus Knife Set Knife Set 

Product’s Highlights

NANFANG BROTHERS Kitchen Damascus is a set of kitchen knives for chefs. The blade part has a sharp design to cut all kinds of food.

The blade has undergone heat treatment. The machined product hardness brings great moments when using the product.

The sharpness of the knife will not let you down when using it.

The handle of the knife is of natural oak wood. In addition, it also has anti-cracking technology that makes the knife handle strong over time.

Kitchen Damascus Knife Set, 9-Piece Kitchen Knife Set with Block, ABS Ergonomic Handle for Chef Knife Set, Knife Sharpener and Kitchen Shears, Beechwood Block
as of April 9, 2024 6:06 pm


  • Material: Blade made of special stainless steel and acid-resistant.
  • Comfortable grip handle
  • Long-lasting sharpness thanks to hardened blades 
  • Much stronger than conventional stainless steel.
  • Ideally balanced blade and handle design for comfortable use


  • The steak knives are not available

Bottom line

The NANFANG BROTHERS knife ensures precise detail for the blade. As a result, the knife has a very good angle and sharp edges. 

The cutting efficiency is also increased thanks to that. The three-rivet design in the knife provides a balanced weight. As a result, your cutting process is easier and less hand-fatigued with the best knife block set.

10. Zwilling J.A. Henckels Signature Knife Set

Product’s Highlights

A Zwilling set is a perfect replacement for knives in your home. It can perform well from chopping bones to crushing vegetables.

The Zwilling blades are hard and sharp enough that you don’t even have to think about sharpening them.

The knife has a pretty silver color with a handle with 3 studs. This makes the weight of the knife lighter. Therefore, you can use it flexibly in any situation.

Blades of Zwilling wide forged stainless steel are very sturdy. It does not tarnish easily and is easy to clean even in the dishwasher.

Safety contacts on the tip of the cutter blade give you smoother movement.

ZWILLING Twin Signature 19-pc Kitchen Knife Set with Block, Chef Knife, Professional Chef Knife Set, German Knife Set Light Brown

6 new from $384.71
1 used from $554.84
Free shipping
as of April 9, 2024 6:06 pm


  • Dishwasher safe, but you should still wash it by hand
  • Admirable sharpness
  • The hardness of 57 Rockwell
  • Top prestigious German brand
  • Stamped blade


  • They are German knives so the rate is high.

Bottom line

With a relatively good price, the Zwilling J.A. knife set. Henckels will surprise you. The knife block set provides convenience in controlling the precision of cutting operations. 

The best kitchen knife set originates from Germany – the homeland of knives. So you can be completely assured of the brand’s reputation and product quality.

Buying guide

1. What types of knives do professional chefs need?

  • Chef’s knife

Chef knives usually have a length of about 15-30 cm. This knife is quite versatile. People often use it for cutting, mincing, mincing meat and even chopping bones.

Therefore, most Chefs use them regularly in their daily tasks. Therefore, they always try it very carefully to feel the most comfortable and moderate weight when holding it.

  • Paring knife

This type of knife usually has a standard length from 6 to 10 cm. Chefs often use it when they need to be meticulous and quick and decisive.

It works well when performing the pruning of vegetables and fruits. Besides, chefs also use it to slice, mash, and cut fruits more easily.

best kitchen knife set battersby 1

Shun classic 6 piece 

However, the trimmer has a characteristic that the holder needs to avoid using too much force. When using, the chef needs to be very rhythmic. Otherwise, it will be very easy to cut your hand when performing fast movements.

  • Utility knife

Multi-purpose knives usually come in standard lengths from 10-18 cm. They are smaller than a chef’s knife but larger than a pruning knife. You should use it to cut and chop foods that are medium in size and not too hard. For example, medium-sized vegetables, sandwiches, and so on.

  • Bread knife

This is a knife commonly found in European restaurants and especially in pastry chefs. Each knife is usually 15 – 26 cm in length.

The blade of a bread knife is usually a serrated utility knife. Their purpose is to be able to cut the crust of bread without giving them a crumbly taste. However, because of that, it is very difficult to re-sharpen. The best way is to buy a new knife to replace it.

  • Carving knife

Carving knives usually have a standard length from 20 – 38 cm. They usually have a pointed or rounded nose and a long blade.

The carving knife is popular for slicing meat from bones or cutting cooked meats.

Sometimes these knives have a grooved edge on the blade to keep the meat from sticking to the blade.

  • Boning knife

The boning knife is also known as a fillet knife, boning knife is usually about 12-17 cm in length.

Chefs often use it to filter fish bones or separate meat and poultry without breaking the meat.

This knife is quite special with the shape of the blade curved up, slender, sharp.

  • Chopping knife

You will often find Asian Chefs using this knife. The blade of this knife is very thick and heavy. The edge retention of the knife is slightly curved up.

Its use is to chop, cut or mince the meat. But you should not use it to cut bones that are too large because it can easily cause accidents.

  • Honing steel

Although not a knife, a professional chef’s knife set is indispensable. They keep knives sharp.

The rod used to sharpen the knife on this tool is usually stainless steel. Sharpening knives, keeping them sharp will reduce many accidents.

Besides the knives mentioned above, there are many other types of knives. For example sushi knives, shaving knives, etc. 

Depending on the purpose, each person will prepare the most suitable knife set for them.

best kitchen knife set battersby 2

imarku 16-piece Kitchen Knife Set 

2. How to choose the best knife block set

  • Knife material

Material is the first factor to consider when buying a kitchen knife set. Ceramic, carbon steel, and stainless steel are the 3 main materials for making knives.

Corresponding to each type are different brand names. 

For example:

  • Kyocera is famous for its high-end ceramic knives.
  • Imarku specializes in the production of knives made from carbon steel.
  • And stainless steel is the main material of the Japanese Kai knife company.

Each material has distinct advantages and disadvantages. But the general capacitor still achieves outstanding durability, hardness, and sharpness. Depending on your preferences, you choose the appropriate knife material.

  • Size of knife

The knives come in a diversity of shapes and sizes. The diverse designs help to meet the maximum needs as well as the length of the user’s handle.

The knife length depends on the type of knife. It also depends on the respective function used. What you need is to find the length so that the blade and handle are equal. That helps to create a comfortable feeling for the user during use.

When buying a knife, you should try to see if the knife fits your hand? Is there any interference when moving the knife? Is it safe to use?

  • Family use needs

Famous knives have a variety of designs to suit each need. Therefore, you need to think about what kind of knife you need before deciding to buy a knife? What kind of cooking are you going to use it for?

For example:

  • A fruit knife has a narrow blade that does not need to be too long.
  • Knife for cutting bones requires a rectangular knife with a certain hardness. Moreover, the handle must be firm.
  • When cutting sashimi, the blade must be long and meet the standards of sharpness and smoothness.

However, with the variety in cooking methods, Battersby recommends investing in a good set of knives as above. Thus, everything will be ready just waiting for you to discover.

Frequently Asked Questions

best kitchen knife set

Mercer culinary genesis set 

1. Should I put my knives into the dishwasher?

A dishwasher is a handy appliance that helps a lot in housework. However, you can not wash all items in the dishwasher. Including knives.

Although some brands have a “dishwasher safe” note. However, Battersby still recommends not washing knives in the dishwasher. They are very easy to wear or blunt. It is no longer as sharp as the original if washed for a long time.

2. Which version of the Cuisinart 15 piece stainless knife set is good?

Cuisinart is a familiar name for chefs. We will give a few sets for your reference:

3. McCook MC29’s handle solid or hollow?

McCook MC29 has a handle made of a piece of stainless steel hollow.

Final Words 

Depending on the purpose and needs of users, you will need different sets of knives. Besides, the design of the knife set is suitable for your kitchen space or not. The last thing is that the price must be suitable for your pocket. Hopefully, this article will help to choose the best kitchen knife for home cooks.

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