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How Much Water For 2 Cups Of Rice? [Detailed Guides And Helpful Tips]

The most standard method is usually 1:2 water to rice ratio. It means that if you cook one cup of white rice, you need two cups of water. As a result, you need four cups of water to cook two cups of rice.

However, this ratio is for the standard scale. It may vary depending on what kind of rice you’re cooking and how you cook. Today, Battersby will discuss in detail the amount of water for two cups of specific rice. Let’s read on to discover!

How Much Water For 2 Cups Of Rice? 

There are tons of rice out there. They vary in shape, color, flavor, and expansion ratio. You need to consider all the factors if you want to cook rice properly.

If the rice has a high expansion ratio, it requires less water, and vice versa. 

The answer for how many cups of water for 2 cups of rice differ as a result. Once you figure out how much water per cup of rice, you will easily conclude that it is 2 cups of rice.

Now, let’s see the water and rice ratio for some of the most popular rice used. 

White rice

White rice, a long grain rice, appears to be the most common type.It also has the standard ratio of 1:2. 

How many cups of water to one cup of rice? Do you know 2 cups of rice how much water? To cook white rice, you need two cups of water for one cup of rice.

You can double the result to understand that cooking two cups of this rice requires four cups of water.

However, to cook long grain white rice, be sure that you’re using a pot big enough to support its expansion while cooking.

how much water for 2 cups of rice battersby 1

White rice is the most common rice 

Brown rice

Brown rice has a strong nutrient shell. It is available in both short grain rice and long grain rice.

The type of rice requires a longer cooking time and more water. To achieve the optimum balance with low-heat absorption, you must cook the hard surface perfectly with the same amount of time to handle the cooking process inside the rice. 

This feature leads to either undercooked hard insides with properly cooked outsides or overcooked hulls with nicely cooked rice in the middle. Wrong estimation may lead to leftover rice.

You’ll use 8 cups of water to cook rice in one cup. However, you just need 12 cups of water to cook 2 cups of brown rice.

how much water for 2 cups of rice battersby 2

Brown rice needs much water because it is dry 

Sushi rice

Sushi rice is short grain rice. It is also a steam vinegar-flavored grain. As a result of the process, the cooked rice may get sticky. You, therefore, need to add little water to cook rice in this variation. 

How much water for 2 cups rice? Ordinarily, a cup of sushi rice and a cup of water are ideal. If you’re picky, the rice-to-water ratio may differ somewhat from various requirements. 

how much water for 2 cups of rice battersby 3

Sticky sushi rice requires less water 

Black rice

To many people, black rice has a nutty flavor comparable to brown rice. It’s a thick, sticky substance. Black rice, based on the cooking process, can also be pretty sticky in consistency.

To cook a cup of black rice, add 1 and 3/4 cups of water to the pot. Depending on your needs, you can increase or decrease the size of the image. 

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There is no need to rinse. Antioxidants in the outer layer may help reduce cholesterol levels of the cooked rice.

how much water for 2 cups of rice battersby 4

Black rice needs the same amount of water as white rice 

How To Cook 2 Cups Of Rice?

Looking for a recipe to cook rice is not a complex task; even the package of rice entails the information. The rice cooker also informs you about the water amount for a certain amount of rice.

Battersby has collected and classified methods to cook rice to offer you a comprehensive guide. Here is what you need to do:

Step 1: Rinse the rice

Regardless of how you prepare the rice, it’s essential to rinse the grains before you cook them. This step helps remove the extra starch. If the starch stays on the rice, it creates unattractive, gummy outcomes. 

how much water for 2 cups of rice battersby 5

Start by rising the rice

Step 2: Toast the rice

This step is optional. Otherwise, it will bring out more of the rice’s natural taste. A spoonful of olive oil or butter heated over medium heat in the saucepan you’ll be cooking the rice in is all that’s necessary to do. This step is very popular for cooking rice on the stove, though.

Add the rice and continue stirring until it begins to smell nutty. If you’re working with white rice, it turns a pale brown color.

how much water for 2 cups of rice battersby 6

Toasting the rice is an optional step 

Step 3: Pour the water

Adding water is the essential step. It determines the quality of your meal. 

We have just figured out how much water for two cups of rice. The answer depends mainly on what kind of rice you’re cooking. If you’re reading this line, return to the previous section to check the amount of water for your rice.

how much water for 2 cups of rice battersby 7

Adding water is most important part

Step 4: Cook rice

When it comes to methods to cook rice, you may think of the traditional approach first. It’s excellent with all the grains. Cooking rice on the stove may also work well, but we only focus on the traditional way this time.

It would help if you started by boiling the water. Once the temperature reaches 100°C in the water, add a large pinch of salt to the pot and let it simmer.

You need to keep everything at a low boil. Continue to simmer, with the heat turned down to low and the pot topped with a tight lid.

how much water for 2 cups of rice battersby 8

There should be a lid on the pot 

Water must be absorbed after 18 minutes of cooking. Don’t try to peek because the steam may escape. Don’t mix the rice either. It can result in sticky rice if done incorrectly.

Cover your rice and let it sit for a few minutes. Put a lid on it for ten minutes and turn down the heat. Throughout this time, your dish will steam and become highly fluffy rice.

how much water for 2 cups of rice battersby 9

Leave the pot for a while to get fluffy rice 

You can also learn more tips to cook rice right here

Frequently Asked Questions 

Two cups is a typical quantity of rice that we often cook. However, many people still show their concerns about cooking rice in two cups. Here are some of their frequently asked questions. You may benefit from the answers, though.

1. How long does it take to cook two cups of rice?

After the water boils, you need to continue to cook the long grain white rice for about 16 to 18 minutes. Then, remove heat and let it steam for 10 minutes with the lid on to get perfect rice.

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2. How many cups of cooked rice can I have from two cups?

This ratio is usually 1:2, which is ideal to have perfect rice. Also, one cup of grain to two cups of water results in a 3 cup plate of rice. It’s as easy as 1-2-3. In other words, if you want to cook rice in such an amount, you should cook it with four cups of liquid to have six cups of the rice cooked. This ratio also works for cooking rice on the stove.

3. How much water do I need for two cups of jasmine rice?

The calculation for jasmine rice is 1:1 water to rice ratio. You need two cups of water for two cups of jasmine grains. The ratio of basmati rice is 1:1.5 since basmati rice is dryer than the jasmine.

how much water for 2 cups of rice battersby 10

Two cups of water for two cups of jasmine rice 

4. How long does brown rice need to cook?

For this type of rice to be cooked and soft, it generally takes approximately 45 minutes. As soon as it reaches a simmer, the water must rest for ten minutes before serving.


Cooking rice on the stove or in a rice cooker is a simple process. However, if you apply the wrong ratio of water, there could be a disaster. With 2 cups of rice, how much water do you need? It depends on the rice you choose. Because the characteristics of each rice differ, you have to check it carefully to find out the right ratio to cook rice.

Hopefully, you will find this article helpful and can cook perfect rice. If you need any further information, please feel free to ask Battersby. Thank you for reading.


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