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Kitchen Trash Bags Size – Everything You Need To Know

What is the ideal kitchen trash bag size for your needs? How to measure the size?

Kitchen trash bags come in different dimensions. They vary from 4 gallons up to 60 gallons in size.

To figure out the suitable choice, you need to consider the size of the trash can, how many members in your family, how much garbage you waste, and where to put the can.

Battersby will discuss kitchen bag size in detail. We also give you some tips to choose the best option. Let’s read on to discover! 

How To Measure Kitchen Trash Bags Size?

The ultimate technique for finding the proper kitchen garbage bag size is to utilize a calculator.

You may find numerous calculators on the internet, which allows you to figure out what size trash bag you’ll need. You only need to enter the trash can’s dimensions, and the answer will show up.

Here is how to measure the trash bag size with different shapes of kitchen trash cans.

Rectangular and square trash can

Measure the perimeter, which is the total of all the edges of your trash can. After that, divide the figure by two. This calculation will give you the diameter of the can.

Next, you have to determine the trash can height. Then, add 4 inches to account for the garbage bag’s excess once you put it in the bin.

You should also add a figure that is equivalent to the diameter you checked previously. This addition ensures the trash bag can cover the bottom of your trash can without sacrificing the overall size trash bag may have.

kitchen trash bags size battersby 1

Rectangular trash can 

Round trash can

To begin, measure the diameter of the trash can, which is also its breadth. After that, increase the result by 3.14. 

Once you have measured the trash can, divide the result by two to figure the width of your bag.

Finally, measure the height of the round trash cans. Then, add 4 inches for the overlap and half the diameter of the trash can’s base.

kitchen trash bags size battersby 2

Round trash can

Kitchen Trash Bag Size 

Now you know what size trash bag should have. You can select a trash bag that will fit appropriately. Here are some kitchen trash bag sizes, as well as when they best fit and why.

4 gallons

They are small bags that can barely contain one or two liters of garbage. They’re great for small trash and may work in the oven. These small-sized bags are ideal for the laundry and bathroom.

7 gallons

Low-density bags are common in kitchens for light trash such as grass or leaf cuttings and even sanitation workers cleaning offices or facilities. 

A 7-gallon trash bag can be stretchy. It means they won’t tear as quickly if you stuff them with large or sharp objects.

kitchen trash bags size battersby 3 1

7-gallon trash bag is suitable for outside garbage 

10 gallons

A 10-gallon trash bag is perfect for usage in a food establishment or inside a larger trash can in the kitchen. It’s also excellent for a recycling bin, a workplace, or a restroom.

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13 gallons

13 gallon is the standard size trash bag. They can hold similar items as the 10-gallon bag can.

16 gallons

This garbage bag size is excellent for a regular-size trash can in many households and businesses. A 16-gallon trash bag may store various items, such as office trash, linen fabric, worn rags, newspapers, or leftover food from the kitchen.

20 gallons

20-gallon trash bags include a tie clasp to keep smells out of your room. These garbage bags have enough capacity for yard cuttings or other small trash to be thrown outside.

30 gallons

These trash bags fit nicely in 40- to 50-gallon trash cans and are available in various thicknesses.

kitchen trash bags size battersby 4

30-gallon bags fit nicely in 40- to 50-gallon cans 

40 gallons

You may purchase these plastic garbage bags with a string tie to close them. Many people appreciate the fact that trash bags eliminate the need for a twisting knot.

50 gallons

50-gallon trash bags have the correct size for a garbage receptacle. It is 50-inch wide and 48-inch high.

60 gallons

60-gallon trash bags can fit in a trash can that is about 43 inches in width and 46 inches in height or perhaps a bit larger. This tall kitchen trash bag size is suitable for business kitchens, bathrooms, and outdoor cleanups. 

They’re also thick enough to clean up items like shattered glass without injuring you when you take them out of the trash can.

kitchen trash bags size battersby 5

60-gallon trash bags are big enough for multiple uses 

How To Choose The Right Trash Can Size?

It might feel like a mathematical issue finding out what size garbage can your home needs. Choosing the appropriate trash can size can assist you in keeping your kitchen clean and tidy.

Here are four points to consider when choosing the standard trash can size.

How many people are there in your family?

The number of people that reside in your house has a significant effect on the amount of rubbish you produce.

A household of six is likely to bring more garbage than a family of three. The wider the trash can you need, the more rubbish you create.

To prevent taking out the garbage too often, a family of four members should use a trash can of 12 to 16 gallons. They only need to deal with small trash. A big family with more people may need a trash can with a capacity of 20 to 30 gallons.

How much garbage do you make?

If you use a compost pile or your town collects compost, you will likely create far less garbage than those who throw all of their wasted food as their regular trash. If the local trash service doesn’t gather recyclables, you’re creating much more junk.

If you recycle, you can get by with a 7 to 10-gallon trash can for the rest of your garbage. If you’re throwing organic waste with your trash, you’ll need trash cans that hold 12 to 16 gallons. 

A 20 to 30 gallon trash can will be enough if you dump food, recyclables, and rubbish in the same bin.

How much room do you have?

A big trash can may take up considerate floor space. While an under-sink garbage can saves room on the floor, it limits the capacity of the trash can you may use.

Before buying a kitchen trash can, be sure you know where you will place it and how much room you have.

Since most under-sink closets are 30 inches in height, you may need a kitchen trash can that’s lower than that to fit. A kitchen trash can with a capacity of 7 to 10 gallons would typically suffice, but remember to check the under-sink area first.

kitchen trash bags size

Under-sink closets are suitable for 7 to 10-gallon trash can 

If it’s about 12 to 16 gallons, a stainless steel trash can fits the décor of a bigger kitchen and certainly fits in a kitchen corner. 

A large 20 to 30-gallon trash can may fit neatly next to a kitchen counter or in a closet if space is not a problem in your kitchen.

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What garbage bags’ size do you like?

If you want to reuse an old shopping bag, there you go. 

If the bag is considerably smaller than the kitchen trash can, though, you will simply be making a bigger mess. On the other hand, using a 30-gallon trash bag with a 10-gallon trash can will make more garbage.

Don’t waste the money on trash bags that can’t fit your trash cans or a trash can that isn’t suitable for your chosen bag type.

kitchen trash bags size battersby 7 A trash bag needs to fit the trash can 


We have shared with you some necessary information about kitchen trash bag size. Aside from the standard kitchen trash bag size, you have tons of choices. Before choosing the bag size, remember to consider the trash can size and your requirements first. 

Hopefully, you will find this article helpful. If you have any questions related to trash cans and trash bags, please feel free to ask Battersby for more information.

Thank you for reading!

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