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How Much Water For 1/2 Cup Of Rice? Detailed Guide & Useful Tips

How much water for 1/2 cup of rice? As a rule of thumb, 1 rice will need 1½ water, which means that the amount of water required will be half the rice. From this, it follows that you need to use ¾ cup of water for ½ cup of rice.

Why this rice ratio? And if you use this method of water and rice, what will the rice grain look like? Let’s find the answer with Battersby

How Much Water For 1/2 Cup Of Rice

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How Much Water For Rice

When cooking rice, using the right amount of water will help you have better, more spongy rice grains and stimulate your taste buds.

Therefore, this issue is of great interest to many people, especially those who are new to the kitchen from time to time.

However, this number will not be completely accurate. Because, depending on the rice variety or cooking method, the amount of rice and the amount of water needed will be different.

So, how much rice does 1/2 cup make? Accordingly, through many observations and tests, Battersby found that ½ cup of rice will use 3/4 cup of water. This rice ratio will give you the rice you want. 

Of course, you shouldn’t be 100% accurate with different types of rice either. You can flexibly change more or less cold water, but you also need to stick to the above ratio somewhere.

From this level of quantification, you can apply for a larger quantity of rice. How to cook half a cup of rice? The amount of broth for half a cup that adds up will probably take more than two cups of cold water when cooking 1 cup of rice. 

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How To Cook Half A Cup Of Rice Into Perfect White Rice

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Common ways to cook Half A Cup Of Rice 

1/2 cup dry rice equals how much cooked is very important. It determines most of your finished rice grain.

However, if you do not have a proper cooking method, the quality of the rice will be significantly affected. You can check out how to cook the perfect rice here.


If you want to cook rice better than usual, you need to prepare the following ingredients and tools:

  • Whole and long grain rice will taste better.
  • Water
  • Butter or vegetable oil
  • A little salt
  • Pot with lid
  • Stove or microwave or rice cooker.
  • Medium saucepan

Steps by steps to cook rice

Depending on the tools you have, you can choose to cook on the stove or microwave or a more convenient appliance than a rice cooker. With each type of utensil you choose, the quality of the rice may vary, but overall it’s not too great.

1. Cook rice with the stove

how much water for 1/2 cup of rice

Cook rice with the stove with stove 

You put 1/2 cup rice to water in the pot. Next, you pour water into the rice and start washing it clean. After passing the rice with your hands for a while, pour out the water to remove excess starch and talcum powder in the rice pudding.

You repeat this action a few more times. It is best to pour water 3 times before cooking rice. This will help the rice grains look whiter and less sticky.

1/2 cup of rice how much water, and 3/4 cup is the amount of water you need in the rice. Then, add some butter and salt to the pot and bring it to a boil on the stove or medium saucepan. You can use either a gas stove or an electric stove.

At first, you keep the heat on medium until the water boils. When the water in the pot gradually dries up, lower the heat to low and cover the pot.

Wait about 10 minutes, and the rice is almost cooked and still wet on the surface, then use chopsticks or a stirrer to stir the rice. This action prevents water from stagnation around the surface of the rice and helps the rice grains to be dry and spongy after ripening.

Next, you cover the pot again and wait about 5 minutes for the rice to cook. At this point, you can scoop the rice onto a plate and enjoy. Hot rice will taste much better.

2. Cook rice in the microwave

Cook rice in the microwave

Cook rice in the microwave 

Initially, you also clean the rice and add flavoring additives to the rice. Then, pour ½ cup of the mixed rice into a deep bowl with ¾ cup of water. You use a lid that matches the bowl to cover.

You put the rice bowl in the microwave and set the high temperature to boil the water. After boiling, you turn the temperature down to medium, maybe 5 or 50% capacity. Maintain this temperature for 15 minutes.

Then, switch the oven to steam for another 5 minutes. After these few minutes, you can remove the bowl and enjoy the rice. The rice grains will be dehydrated, intact and fragrant with butter.

3. Cook rice with rice cooker

Cook rice with rice cooker

Cook rice with cooker 

Using a cooker, cooking your rice is very simple. You do not need to monitor the temperature in each stage like the two methods above. This intelligent pot will cook for you ½ cup of rice quickly and gently.

You need to put half a cup of freeze cooked rice in the pot and perform cleaning, adding spices and water as appropriate as the two methods above.

How much water for half cup of rice? It would help if you remembered this so that the short grain rice is not over-or under-watered. Then you dry the bottom and sides around the pot to put in the frame.

Once done, you close the lid, plug-in power, and turn on the button. After about 15-20 minutes, the freeze cooked rice will be available to enjoy.

Note that since this pot is completely sealed, not much steam is released, so there is no water loss. Therefore, you should put in less water than the other two stoves. 

You can watch more way to cook delicious rice on the stove in the video:

Mistakes To Avoid When Cooking 1/2 Cup Of Rice

Mistakes To Avoid When Cooking 12 Cup Of Rice

Mistakes To Avoid When Cooking 1/2 Cup Of Rice

Cooking rice is similar to cooking a dish. It won’t taste good if you use the wrong recipe. So to have quality rice on the stove, you need to avoid the following:

Do not observe the rice when it is almost cooked

Although the general ratio is that ½ cup of rice requires ¾ cup of water, this amount is not always enough to make perfect rice. So, during the last 5 minutes of cooking, you need to watch to see if the rice grains are dry or too mushy.

If you find the rice grains are too complex and loose, add a little water and cook for a few more minutes, the leftover rice will be soft right away.

In case the white rice is too watery, a bit more challenging to handle. You only have to observe and learn for the next time.

However, to know this, you need to observe the white rice before turning off the stove entirely. At this point, you have a chance to correct the mistake. After this time, saving your cooker is no longer effective.

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Do not let the fire match each stage

With fire, you can make the fire as big as possible at first. The high temperature that helps the water to boil will shorten your cooking time.

However, later on, you lower the temperature even lower. If the heat is high, the white rice will be burnt or cooked but not porous.

No salt added

The sticky perfect rice balls had no taste at all. Therefore, you do not add salt when cooking, and the rice grains will reduce the deliciousness significantly. So put in some salt. Just the right amount for ½ cup of rice, so it doesn’t get too salty.

Only follow the instructions on the package of the rice

The instructions on the package are often theoretical, they are not entirely true.

Besides, the instructions from the manufacturer will not contain how much water for half a cup of rice on the stove. So if you follow their recipe, the white rice may not taste good. It is easy to mistake as a poor-quality sticky rice grain.

To be more sure, learn from cooking experiences to find the right water level and temperature for this grain. From there, you will have more delicious meals.


The problems surrounding cooking rice are fascinating, especially when using ½ cup of rice, a small amount of white rice, requiring more meticulousness. Therefore, the more tips you know, the better your rice grain processing will be.

1. How much does 1/2 cup dry sushi rice make cooked?

how much water for 1 2 cup of rice battersby 3

dry sushi rice 

Dry cooked rice scrapers, when cooked, will give fatty rice grains. So a small amount of rice can make quite a bit of rice. Specifically, ½ bowl of rice will yield 1.5 bowls of cooked rice. This amount will vary by rice variety.

Some varieties bloom a lot and have a little bloom, so this number is inaccurate. For example, ½ cup of brown rice yields 2 bowls of white rice.

2. Is 1 cup of rice enough for 2?

A normal cup of dry rice will yield 3 bowls of cooked rice. So, if two people eat less, this amount of rice will be enough for them. However, for adults who eat a lot, this may not be enough.

3. How much does 2 cups of rice make?

One cup of rice makes 3 bowls of rice. From that, it follows that cooking 2 cups of rice will give you 6 bowls of rice. This amount of rice is suitable for a family of 3-5 people to eat.

4. Which white rice takes the longest to cook?

Cooked rice with skin or skin on brown rice and red rice will have the longest cooking time. It may take you 40 – 45 minutes to cook them. Meanwhile, ordinary rice only needs 20-25 minutes to cook.

In addition, the amount of cooked rice also affects the cooking time. The more significant the amount of rice you cook, the longer it will take to cook.


If you have been wondering, “how much water for 1 1/2 cups of rice?” I hope the above article has helped you to get the correct answer.

You can take this amount of water as a reference and apply it to your rice. After a few cooking sessions, you’ll find a recipe that works for the type of rice you’re using. Thank you for reading!

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