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The Delicious Fruit That Isn’t Round: A Step-by-step Guide

What fruit is not round? As a fruit lover, you may be exploring strange not-round fruits to expand the knowledge of typical ones like apples or oranges. 

So, do you know any fruit that isn’t round? There are a lot of not-round fruits, such as avocados, mangoes, figs, eggplants, star fruits, jackfruits, and quinces.

The article by Battersby will help you discover 26 fruits that are not round. The list of not-round fruits will be set in the order of the alphabet.

Not-round Fruits

It is very useful to boost your understanding of fruits that are not round. Now, let’s dive in.

1. Avocado

fruit that isn't round


The avocado may not be strange to consumers, given that it is one of the most healthy foods owing to several health benefits. However, avocados still surprise lots of people to discover that they are fruits, not vegetables.

With only one big, hard seed in the center, this light green, soft fruit is tasty enough to become an essential part of salads, sandwiches, or dips.

2. Banana

fruit that isnt round battersby 2 1


Bananas are a unique type of fruit. They are not a round fruit. In contrast, their bodies are especially long and curved.

To consume bananas, you just need to remove the yellow outer skin. Then, the white flesh inside will appear for you to eat. The flesh contains several insignificant black seeds that are edible.

You can make sweet banana bread with ripe bananas to enjoy with your friends and family.

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3. Cherimoya

fruit that isnt round battersby 3


Cherimoya, a frost-free green fruit growing in high elevation, is a cone-shaped fruit with a rough green peel. They are not round fruits.

This hard outer skin covers delicious, white, and creamy flesh. The taste is similar to a combination of pineapples and bananas. This green fruit is very good for your health.

4. Dragon fruit

fruit that isnt round battersby 4


Dragon fruit is the fruit of typical types of cactus. It always comes with a pink-red peel with many big green scales. Other colors may be yellow and white. 

The internal flesh is mostly white with several very small edible black seeds. This fruit has incredible health benefits for our bodies.

5. Eggplant

fruit that isnt round battersby 5


Eggplant is normally considered a vegetable. Despite that, it is a fruit that isn’t round because of the seeds inside the eggplant.

Although eggplants come in a lot of different varieties, they are generally long and oblong in the body with a quite round tail end.

The eggplant has delicate, deep purple outer skin covering soft white flesh. Eggplants have a slightly bitter taste. 

6. Fig

fruit that isnt round battersby 6


The fig comes in numerous shapes. Although it looks round, the fig is not a round fruit. The shape ranges from waterdrop to oblong. It is typically pointed at the top, where it attaches to trees, and level at the tail end.

The fun fact about the fig is that the shape can change not only depending on varieties of fruit but also with growing seasons. One heavy rainfall will reform the shape of figs while they are developing.

7. Guanabana

fruit that isnt round battersby 7


Guanabanas, or soursops, are one big famous tropical fruit with irregular shapes. The green peel is often covered in small thorns or spikes. It is rough but thin. 

The internal part is a delicious, creamy, white flesh mixed with big black seeds. The seed is usually indigestible. 

8. Horned Melon

fruit that isnt round battersby 8

Horned Melon

African horned melon, or kiwano, is an oblong fruit. The thick peel layer has a yellowish-orange color with speckles or stripes.

The internal part is the light green, juicy flesh. It is full of apparent edible white seeds. The melon has an extremely mild flavor like the cucumber fruit.

9. Ice Cream Beans

fruit that isnt round battersby 9

Ice Cream Beans

The ice cream bean is a unique variety of the bean family, a relative of the popular green bean. The skin is hard and fibrous with noticeable joints and grooves. These features give ice cream beans a multi-sided outlook.

The internal element is edible, creamy, white pulp. When you eat, you will feel like cotton candy. The taste looks like ice cream which leads to the current name.

10. Jackfruit

fruit that isnt round battersby 10


Jackfruits are extremely popular because of their amazingly large bodies. The uneven, oblong fruit generally weighs up to 50 pounds, although it is relative to the quite small fig.

The peel is deep green, thick with tiny brown horns. The flesh is yellowish-orange. It is fibrous, full of many big, edible seeds. 

11. Kiwi

fruit that isnt round battersby 11


Kiwi looks like an egg. However, rather than being round at the bottom, it is even. The delicate brown outer skin is full of wiry hairs. This skin is somehow edible.

The flesh is light green, fluffy, and juicy. Hundreds of very small black seeds are around a snow-white core. Two of them are edible. Many people eat kiwi, not only for its flavor but also for its health benefits.

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12. Lakoocha

fruit that isnt round battersby 12


Lakoocha fruits, also named monkey fruits, are strange-looking, rough irregular fruits. The size is similar to a baseball.

The brown-yellow to pale green peel contains a rich, white, stringy, and floppy flesh like jackfruits. The flavor is sour and slightly sweet, like a citrus fruit. The lakoocha can be eaten raw or cooked with curry. 

13. Mango

fruit that isnt round battersby 13


Mango is an oval-shaped tropical stone fruit that is a relative of cashew. There are a wide variety of mangoes, which leads to a variation of colors. It can be yellow, orange, pink, or green. 

The peel is edible, but consumers like to remove the skin before eating. There is only one large seed. It clings to the flesh leading to many strings. When they become ripe fruits, the flesh turns yellow and is delicious. The flavor is similar to the melon. 

14. Nipplefruit

fruit that isnt round battersby 14


Nipplefruit has the shape of aliens. Although you will find them looks very fantastic, they are exotic fruits that aren’t round when you eat them raw.

Other opinions claim that the shape is similar to belts, surrounded by many nubs like cow udders. It is the reason why this fruit has the current funny name. 

Nipplefruits are only edible when they are young and after they’ve been correctly processed. The nipple fruit cannot be eaten raw. The ripe and raw exotic fruits are harmful to your health.

15. Olosapo Fruit

fruit that isnt round battersby 15

Olosapo Fruit

The olosapo fruit that’s not round with a long body looks similar to the potato. As it is ripe, the peel becomes rough and turns pink-yellow with blacks mots.

The ripe fruit is brownish-yellow with a fluffy, dry texture. There is only one large inedible seed.

16. Pineapple

fruit that isnt round battersby 16


The non-round fruits are one big tropical fruit. It is not round fruit but has an oblong body with a flat top and bottom. The skin is full of segments with a diamond shape. Every segment will have a small spike.

The skin is green when the pineapple is young. The skin will turn yellowish-orange when the pineapple is ripe. This very thick peel is inedible. The pale yellow flesh feels juicy and soft, with a sweet taste or sour taste like a citrus fruit.

17. Quince

fruit that isnt round battersby 17


Quince fruits have an irregular shape. People often mistake them for pears, lemons, bells, or apples.

The bright yellow outer seems polished with several grooves. The flesh is also golden yellow with a spongey texture. People often cook quince fruits to make delicious food rather than eating raw.

18. Rambutan

fruit that isnt round battersby 18


Rambutan normally has a shape of oblong or water drop with a coat of hair-like delicate strings. Therefore, rambutans are not round fruits.

Rambutan comes with three main types with the difference in the color of the skin: yellow-orange, deep green, or pink-red.

Inside the rambutan is a soft, juicy, white flesh that surrounds one white seed. It is a member of the same family as the lychee fruit in terms of an identical texture and taste. This fruit that is not round is mildly acidic like the grapes.

19. Star Fruit

fruit that isnt round battersby 19

Star Fruit

The star fruit has deep grooves. It is the reason why when you cut the fruit horizontally, it makes up the shape of a star with five sides. The fruit is yellowish-orange, sometimes with a little green on the edge.

The star fruit has a sweet or sour taste. You will find its taste seems like citrus fruits. It is an incredible ingredient in cooking.

20. Tamarillo

fruit that isnt round battersby 20


Tamarillo is very similar to the tomato as this fruit bears a pronounced resemblance to the tomato. Still, the shape of tamarillos looks more like an egg.

There is variation in the color of this fruit. It ranges from yellowish-orange to pink-red, violet. The flesh structure resembles conventional tomatoes, despite harder flesh along with bigger seeds.

Yellow and orange tamarillos are sweet, while red and purple ones have a more acidic flavor, making them taste sour.


So, do you know the fruit that isn’t round? They are extremely healthy foods in our daily life.

These not-round fruits are just some among the world of fruits around us. Their shape can be oblong, waterdrop, and even like an egg. The flavor is sweet or sour, adding a taste to your food.

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