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Distinctions between corn flour vs cornstarch

Cornstarch vs corn flour are both originally from corn. However, cornflour vs cornstarch has many different characteristics. So the use in recipes will also be different. In this article, Battersby will look at the differences between cornflour and cornstarch. From there, you can use them most appropriately.

What is the difference between corn flour vs cornstarch?

Cornflour and cornstarch are both corn (maize) products. So what is the difference between cornstarch and corn flour? The differences between them are in nutritional composition, flavor, and usage.

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Difference between corn flour 

1. Nutritional ingredients

On top of 29 grams of “corn flour and cornstarch,” the nutritional content of each type is as below:

Items Cornstarch Corn flour
Calories 120 110
Protein 0 grams 3 grams
Fat 0 grams 1.5 grams
Carbs 28 grams 22 grams
Fiber 0 grams 2 grams

Table comparing the nutrients composition of cornstarch and cornstarch

In addition, cornflour contains vitamin B, iron, potassium, magnesium, and several other nutrients. 

Whereas cornstarch does not have.

2. Flavor and usage 

  • Corn flour 

Similar to corn, flour corn has a sweet taste.

Chefs can use it with or in place of wheat flour. That recipe works for items like sandwiches, pancakes, waffles, and sweet cakes. Flour corn works to add a corn-like taste.

Sometimes people confuse flour corn with cornmeal. “Meal” is the kernel or coarse grain in the traditional sense. Corn flour is precisely very finely ground cornmeal from dried corn.

In the United States, cornmeal refers to a coarser ground flour from corn kernels and cobs. Corn flour has a different taste than cornmeal.

  • Cornstarch 

In contrast, cornstarch is flavorless primarily. As a result, chefs often use it as a thickening agent to create texture and thicken dishes.

In addition, cornflour also has the effect of replacing deep-fried flour with frying foods.

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What is cornflour?

Corn flour is a finely ground flour made from whole corn kernels.

Therefore, it contains protein, minerals, fiber, starch, and vitamins. Corn flour may be white or yellow, depending on the variety of corn.

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What is cornflour? 

What is cornstarch? 

Cornstarch is also from corn cobs. However, it is a refined product from the cob of finely ground corn. To process cornstarch, people will remove the protein and fiber of the corn kernel. Besides, they leave only the starchy center called endosperm. As a result, it becomes a white powder.

Chefs can use cornstarch as a substitute for tapioca. They all create fragrance and stickiness in soups.

Housewives use cornstarch a lot in daily dishes. It is a binder, thickener, thickening agent, stabilizer, and emulsifier in the food industry.

corn flour vs cornstarch

What is cornstarch? 

Cornstarch and corn flour are not substitutes for each in culinary recipes.

Because of the different nutritional compositions, you cannot use them the same way in recipes.

  • Corn flour

People can use fine powder of corn to make bread, pancakes, cookies, waffles, and cakes. They often come with wheat flour for added flavors. 

The product will have a characteristic corn flavor and a slightly yellow color.

However, because cornstarch is gluten free. This is a major protein in wheat. It has the effect of increasing elasticity and giving firmness to bread and baked goods. As a result, products containing cornstarch will become denser and more fragile.

  • Cornstarch 

Cornstarch is mainly starch and does not contain protein and fat. Therefore, it cannot replace cornflour in baking recipes.

Fried or breaded foods can also use cornstarch. It can make the product more crispy. Finally, chefs often add cornstarch to confectioners’ sugar to avoid clumping. Therefore, you quickly notice the appearance of corn starch in the ingredient list of confectionery.

How to name corn flour vs cornstarch in countries?

In the United Kingdom, Israel, Ireland, and some other countries, most people refer to cornstarch as corn flour.

Meanwhile, they may call it cornmeal.

Therefore, recipes and cooking instructions originating outside of the United States may call as:

  • Corn flour when they’re cornstarch
  • Cornmeal while they are cornflour

If you’re not sure about which item to use in a recipe, try finding out the country’s original recipe.

Also, see how to use corn products in the recipe.

If it shows the same usage as flour, then cornflour is probably the best choice.

If the recipe uses the product to thicken soups or gravies, cornstarch will be a good choice for your dish.

What is the usage of corn starch in life?

Most corn starch has the same effect as tapioca starch. So you can use tapioca flour, tapioca starch, tapioca as the substitutes.

Corn starch is from corn kernels and contains only carbohydrates (no protein). Therefore it is a gluten-free product.

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It is this property that makes cornstarch one of the thickening additives. Here are the usages of cornstarch in some industries:

  • In the food processing industry: Corn starch stabilizes the structure and creates a characteristic structure for the product. Therefore, people use it for cooking. Besides, it is also a necessary substance to make cheese, butter, salad dressing, and marshmallows.
  • In the drug industry: People often use corn starch to produce film coating capsules or micro-vitamin tablets.
  • In the paper industry: People often use cornstarch as a binder. Corn starch has a structure similar to paper. Therefore, it enhances the toughness of natural paper fibers, which increases the printing ability
  • In the textile industry: It helps to strengthen the composition of the material. Besides, corn starch improves the quality, printability, and surface color of textile fabrics.
  • In the chemical industry: Some products have the appearance of corn starch. They are hair dyes, lotions, hair depilatories, etc.

Where to buy cornstarch and corn starch?

You can buy cornstarch at markets, supermarkets or bakeries. This powder is quite common with many different brands.

If you need more options, you can take a stroll around Amazon to buy them. Amazon is the warehouse of the world. So that you have a lot to choose from from different brands in the world.


The above article shares with you helpful knowledge about the difference between cornstarch and corn flour. Also, don’t forget to follow our Battersby site / website to get helpful life tips.

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