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Chimichanga Vs Flauta: How To Tell The Difference?

We cannot deny that specific Mexican cuisines share many similarities, especially in components like fillings and tortillas.

This article will explain well how to distinguish between chimichanga and flauta, even though they are both deep-fried meals. 

We can usually tell chimichanga and flauta, which are in the same boat, the difference mainly in terms of cooking methods. 

Chimichanga Vs Flauta Overview

At first sight, some people may mistake these two meals since they taste and look quite the same. However, there are some distinctions between them that we will clarify below after going through the overview.

What Is A Chimichanga?

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  • Origin: Mexican
  • Tortilla: Larger
  • Appearance: Larger, heavier portion rolls
  • Filling: Vegetable and meat burritos wrapped inside a tortilla
  • Sauce: Sour cream and cheese

At first sight, many people may wonder, is chimichanga vs burrito the same? or what is the difference between a chimichanga and a burrito?

The chimichanga is essentially a burrito with a deep-frying step put on top.

The end product is a delicious, hot filling encased in a delectable, crispy outside shell. In Tex-Mex, as well as other Southwestern American culinary, chimichanga is a popular meal. 

This meal is also a tortilla-based dish that appears to be extremely popular.

You can create it by wrapping a corn tortilla or flour tortilla filled with various ingredients, primarily rice, meat, and then folding this into a rectangular bundle. 

Other popular fillings are machaca,  dried meat, marinated pork, dried beef or Carne Seca, and shredded chicken. Guacamole, salsa, sour cream, and carne asada are frequently served with deep-fried burrito.

What Is A Flauta?


  • Origin: Mexican
  • Tortilla: Smaller
  • Appearance: Thin, long rolls
  • Filling: Savory fillings that mix well with meats
  • Sauce: Hot sauce

Flautas are a traditional Mexican dish created by stuffing meat or other ingredients with a tortilla then deep-frying all of them. They’re generally served hot out of the pan and may include various toppings. 

Since flautas are tiny, you may consume a few at a time, or one flautas meal generally comprises many tortilla rolls. In addition to its foundation throughout Mexico, this dish is widespread in South America, with versions.  

This meal sometimes differs from taquitos, a similarly comparable dish. The two terms, however, are frequently misunderstood and used equally. Others say that taquito refers to Spanish-Mexican “flautas” and is a Californian word.

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Comparison Of Flauta Vs Chimichanga

The first thing to realize about classic chimichanga and flauta is that they are rolls created with a tortilla wrapped into an envelope to house delicious meat and other ingredients like vegetables or even cheese. Those modifications are more of a Mexican version, which isn’t traditional while popular presently.


According to sources, a chimichanga is a Mexican cuisine. Others believe it started when a worker in Arizona made the mistake of putting his regular flour tortilla into a deep frying pan. 

chimichanga vs flauta


According to one theory, immigrants to the USA brought the Mexican variation chimichanga with them during the trip throughout Arizona and Sonora.

The dish’s origins are uncertain in the instance of flautas. Many folks think it appeared in Sinaloa in the 1600s. 

In 1929, a collection of short stories about Mexican persons in the USA intended for a younger crowd included the first modern definition of a flauta as a rolled-corn tortilla Mexican food.

Two eateries in Southern California are frequently credited with helping to create and popularize flautas. In the 1930s, Guerrero’s daughter utilized her mother’s flauta formula to start a restaurant chain in Los Angeles. 

Soon after, rivals started selling similar items, introducing this delectable fried wrap to the people.


In some Latin American nations, tortillas are an essential ingredient. As a result, it is not surprising that both of these Mexican food are made with flour tortillas. 

When rolling the filling, both utilize wheat tortillas. Yet, flauta tortillas are more minor, and chimichanga tortillas are more extensive, giving more fillings. Chimichangas require extra-large tortillas to hold all of their contents in place. 


Flautas are thin, long rolls, but chimichangas have a larger portion size. After all, a deep-fried burrito is a Chimichanga. The chimichanga is also significantly heavier than a flauta because it contains more filling.


Do you know whats in a chimichanga and a flauta?

Chimichangas are vegetable and meat burritos wrapped inside a tortilla. However, because it is a fried tortilla, you may fill it with various things as long as they complement each other. 

While flautas can have a variety of fillings, the most common are some savory fillings that mix well with meats. You can use their fillings sparingly. As a result, the rolls will burst within your deep fryer otherwise.


Flautas are usually served with green onions and a light side of cream. This fried dish, on the other hand, can be accompanied by a hot dipping sauce. 

A chimichanga, on the other hand, is frequently served with sour cream and cheese. By now, you can tell the difference between a chimichanga and a flauta, the most visible of which must be their dimensions. 

Chimichangas are similar to deep-fried standard-sized burritos, while flautas are similar to long and thin spring rolls.

Now that we’ve established the distinctions, let’s look at creating these delectable deep-fried rolls yourself and amaze your family and friends.

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How To Make Deep-Fried Burritos?

You can rely on the instructions in this video to better understand how to make Chimichanga.


  • Fried beans
  • Shredded meat
  • Prepare cumin, chili powder, salt, and paprika for seasonings
  • Green onions, salsa sauce, cream cheese, and cheese for topping


  • Mix the chili powder, shredded meat, cumin, salt, salsa, and paprika in a medium mixing basin. If you want to bake the chimichanga, it’s time to preheat the oven. 
  • Place 2 tsp of dried beans at roughly 2 inches from the tortilla’s edge and half a cup of meat mixture in the middle to create them.

Fold the flour tortillas or corn tortillas in half-length, wrap them up, and seam side down, starting at the bottom. 

  • Coat the exterior layer using olive oil and oven for around 20 minutes if baking these rolls (which seems to be a healthy alternative).

If you wish to deep-fry the chimichangas, heat the olive oil in a deep frying pan and cook until lightly golden. 

  • With sour cream and salsa on the side, serve these deep-fried burritos.

Pro Tips 

  • For extra taste, use bone-in chicken thighs or breasts. 
  • If you use bought refried beans from stores in this dish, thin them up with a tbsp of water, as stored beans are notoriously thick. 
  • To get a super crunchy cheesy chimichanga that does not absorb too much oil, heat the oil up before you start frying. To keep track of the temperature, use a thermometer that attaches to a pan. 
  • Also, ensure the temperature does not get too high. Otherwise, all the ingredients will burn, and the oil will catch fire.

How To Make Flauta?

Flautas are fried rolled tacos that are crispy and golden on the outside. Here’s how to create the greatest ones possible.

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Chicken Flauta With Sour Cream


  • Meats
  • Tortillas
  • Vegetables, which go well with the meats


  • Before you start rolling your veggies, make sure they’re ready. In a large mixing dish, combine the veggies and sliced meats, and your mixture is ready to go. 
  • Simmer the meat until it is tender and cooked through, then shred this into smaller pieces. 
  • To minimize breaking, heat the tortillas before wrapping them. 
  • Half-fill the fried tortillas with the mixture, and ensure there isn’t too much filler; else, the whole thing will fall apart. 
  • Notice that you thoroughly coat the contents of the rolled tortillas. Add a stick to make your wrap even firmer. 
  • Warm your cooking oil. In a heated skillet, cook the rolls till golden brown.
  • Spray the top of the flautas with butter or oil and fry them in an air fryer if you need to go for a healthier choice. This method also yields the crispy and flavorful buns you desire. 
  • Serve these with your preferred dipping sauce while they’re hot. Enjoy! They’re ideal for side dishes and can quickly be taken with you everywhere.

Pro Tips

  • In a stockpot over medium heat, simmer the chicken until soft, but you may alternatively cook it in the crockpot till it shreds quickly.

You may prepare a double quantity and store it in the freezer so that you can grab it and start right away. 

  • To avoid the maize tortillas from breaking when you roll them, heat them first. 
  • When the tortillas get cool enough, spread one spoonful of the filling and roll tightly to avoid falling out when cooking. 


1. What Is A Soft Chimichanga?

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Soft Chimichanga

Shredded beef or Dinner Chicken folded inside two flour tortillas; then, they are served with tomatoes, lettuce, refried beans, and sour cream. Queso dip and enchilada sauce on top.

2. Why Do My Flour Tortillas Fall Apart?

If they are falling apart, either your fat level is too low, or your cooking process is too lengthy (drying and toughening them), or both.

3. What Is A Deep-Fried Burrito Called?

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Chimichanga is a type of deep-fried burrito popular in Tex-Mex and some other Southwestern American cuisines. It is then deep-fried and served with salsa, sour cream, carne asada, or guacamole on the side.

Final Thoughts

After reading this article, you should be able to tell the difference between a flauta vs chimichanga after this essay.

Overall, there is an apparent distinction between these two dishes: Flautas are equal spring rolls, but chimichangas are equal burritos. 

These deep-fried burritos make delicious meals and snacks, so do not hesitate to try our recipes yourself. If you are still unsatisfied with this article, please visit us at Battersby to know more helpful information.

Thank you for your interest in the article!

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