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Top 7 Best Fire Pit Grills 2022: Reviews & Buying Guides

The best pastime in summer is grilling meat. Using fire pit grills helps you to cook juicy and tender meat. 

In this ranking of the best fire pit grills, Battersby will review the most successful models from which you can choose. It allows you to evaluate all the advantages and disadvantages of the models and make the right choice.

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Top 7 Best Fire Pit Grills For Cooking Outdoors

As you will see below, BioLite FPB1001 is our all-time favorite fire pit grill. It is our top choice as its quality and features far exceed what the price can offer.

However, there are other options if you want to spend a little less or take your grilling on the go. Take a look at our top seven below. Our roundup of the seven fire pit grills will help you choose the right model.

#1. Biolite FPB1001 Outdoor Smokeless – Best For Smokeless

Product’s highlights

This FirePit smart wood-burning fire pit differs from other similar products from BioLite. The device does not convert energy into electricity.

A distinctive feature is that the grill provides a powerful flame without smoke. It is the ideal solution for comfortable cooking, including heating and lighting.

Now, when cooking meat or fish on the grill, smoke will not constantly pour into your face. For this, the grill makes use of a special blowing technology.

It regulates the height of the fire and quickly burns small particles to avoid the formation of smoke. Thus, it takes less than 30 seconds to elapse from the moment the spark occurs until the furnace starts operating.

As a result, you no longer need to circle the fire to hide from the smoke. Besides, the brazier has a mesh frame that allows air to circulate continuously, providing an intensive process of burning coal or wood.

This combustion technology significantly reduces the amount of smoke. It not only helps you to have an efficient meal but also can observe the fire up close.

The FirePit grill features a 360-degree view of your campfire thanks to a perimeter X-Ray mesh. That factor creates the feeling of an open fire, which is especially beautiful when burned at night.

A built-in firebox made of heat-resistant steel can hold up to 4 logs and more charcoal. Thanks to the super-efficient combustion, you get a cozy crackling fire, spending half the fuel than usual.

To adjust the intensity of your flames to suit different foods, you can use the FirePit’s power pack or the free Android and iOS apps. This system allows you to choose 1 of 4 fan speeds for creating desired fire size.

With just one touch, you’ll be able to enjoy a 24-hour outdoor barbecue thanks to a 10400-mAh USB Power Bank.

In case the battery runs out, the BioLite FPB1001 also does not disappoint you with the option of charging with a Solar Carry Cover.

BioLite FPB1001 Outdoor Smokeless Wood & Charcoal Burning FirePit and Grill, 1, Black

2 new from $497.28
1 used from $484.42
as of May 20, 2024 2:15 pm


  • Stainless steel construction
  • Foldable legs for portability
  • Smokeless
  • Four fan speeds
  • App for Android and iOS
  • 360-degree X-ray mesh


  •  Heavy

Bottom line

The BioLite FPB1001 is the perfect smokeless fire pit for countryside camping, an outdoor picnic, a trip to the beach, and any nature hikes. It brings you beautifully smokeless barbecues and an indescribable coziness.

#2. BioLite FirePit Outdoor SmokelessBest For Long Burn Time

Product’s highlights

BioLite FirePit+ upgrades key features of BioLite FPB1001. It allows you to maintain the flame for longer, up to 30 hours, thanks to its superior battery capacity of 12,800 mAh.

Now your barbecues will last longer so you can enjoy the warmth and crackling of the fire in the night. You will be able to admire the fire thanks to the mesh cover on all sides.

The BioLite FirePit+ becomes an ideal grill for winter camping. At this time, you can not use the optional Solar Carry Cover. Therefore, the BioLite FirePit+ with a larger battery capacity becomes a lifesaver.

Now, it is customary to develop mobile applications for smartphones for smart devices and gadgets. The FirePit grill is no exception. In the branded mobile application, you can adjust the fan speed to get the desired heat.

During the cooking process, you do not need to wave or blow into the fire constantly. All you need is to take your mobile phone out of your pocket and increase the fan speed in the mobile application.

After activating the system, 51 nozzles will pump the air into the fire chamber. A large amount of nozzles allows you to maintain a more even distribution of air circulation and a stable combustion temperature.

Plus, it’s able to transform this fire pit grill into a hibachi-style grill for steaks, blue steak or any other Japanese-style food. By adding charcoal and using a top-mounted grill rack, your grill is ready.

Even if you turn the heat up to the highest setting, the grill won’t burn you. The BioLite FirePit+ comes with an upgraded enamel coating to increase its heat resistance and limit heat dissipation.

BioLite FirePit+ Outdoor Smokeless Wood & Charcoal Burning FirePit and Grill

3 new from $279.95
Free shipping
as of May 20, 2024 2:15 pm


  • Sturdy steel construction
  • Easy to use and installs in minutes
  • Foldable legs for portability
  •  Longer burn times up to 30 hours
  • Upgraded High-temp enamel coating
  • Smokeless
  • Intense heat


  • Heavy

Bottom line

The BioLite FirePit+ is a smart outdoor fire pit grill that allows you to enjoy the bright flame of a campfire without unpleasant smoke. It creates a cozy atmosphere in the open air and helps you prepare something delicious.

#3. BALI OUTDOORS Wood BurningBest For Rotatable Grill Grate

Product’s highlights

The BALI OUTDOORS Wood Burning Fire Pit is a fantastic gadget that you should think about in your courtyard or backyard. With a 24-inch diameter, it gives you a generous cooking space.

Its design looks like a giant pan with a mesh surround to admire the fire burn with fun. It burns a super-powerful flame thanks to the excellent wind system.

The fire pan is wide and deep, which gives plenty of room for firewood. The cutouts on the surface of the fire bowl allow more air to circulate in the chamber for a bigger fire and glowing embers.

This fire pit brings an ecstatic woody flavor to your dish. Depending on the desired doneness, you can adjust the grill grate up and down or left and right.

If you want to cook slowly so that the food cooks evenly from the inside, you can raise the grill to limit the reach of the flame. Conversely, simply lower the grate closer to the flame if you want a dish with a scorched surface.

A high-temperature resistant steel construction will help you rest assured to grill every day. The only thing you need to remember is not to use it in the rain and snow.

A covered backyard is an ideal space for a fire. If you want the feeling of sitting and grilling under the sky, it’s better to do that on a nice day.

BALI OUTDOORS Wood Burning Fire Pit Backyard with Cooking Grill, 32in, Black, 24in

2 new from $169.99
2 used from $137.81
Free shipping
as of May 20, 2024 2:15 pm


  • 360-degrees rotatable grill grate
  • Large fire pan
  • The solid construction of steel with four legs
  • Multi-Functional Design
  • Sturdy base construction
  • Easy assembly


  • Too cumbersome
  • Flame intensity adjustment system not included

Bottom line

Although the BALI OUTDOORS is ideal for outdoor grilling, thanks to its lightweight design. It is a nice option for those who want to experience fire grilling for the price that is almost half less than BioLite FirePit.

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#4. Signstek 32″ Outdoor Fire PitBest For 3-Level Grilling

Product’s highlights

The Signstek 32″ Fire Pit is quite heavy, about 31 pounds to stand in place without tipping during use. Also, it comes with four sturdy steel legs to support a fuel pan, two fire pit grill grates, and a rotating fork.

Unlike the three alternatives we just mentioned above, the Signstek 32″ Fire Pit allows you to grill the whole turkey using the rotating fork. It also gives you two baking modes with two different grills.

Sometimes you can use the small grate to make a rack for cooked food. In other words, this BBQ fire pit gives you plenty of grilling space at once.

It not only grills food but also warms you up on nights of outdoor camping, thanks to its large fire pan. Don’t worry about getting burned because the grill comes with a metal ring around the fuel bowl, which helps prevent you from touching the fire chamber.

It’s easy to assemble the device. You can disassemble the grills to wash, then reassemble them without much effort. The components are detachable, saving you storage space when moving it by car.

The metal construction of this outdoor fire pit grill gives it a long-lasting feel. The manufacturer claims that they use high-grade iron to make it and protect the metal components with heat-resistant and anti-rust paint.

Time will prove its persistence. At this moment, this device still gives us the initial feeling of sturdiness and solidity.

Signstek 32” Fire Pit,Outdoor Wood Burning Steel BBQ Backyard with Cooking Grill,23” Fire Pit Bowl Set,Round Spark Screen,Camping Picnic,Garden,Beaches,Park,Bonfire,Rotating spit,Roast Chicken Fork
as of May 20, 2024 2:15 pm


  • Two-in-one function
  • Large capacity fire pan
  • High-quality iron material
  • High-temperature resistant coat
  • Anti-sticking and anti-rust
  • Four stability iron foot tube
  • 360-degree rotated grill grate


  •  Anti-spark screen not included

Bottom line

The Signstek 32″ Fire Pit has a large fire bowl that is enough to light up a campfire and gives you a powerful fire and fun crackling sounds. This purchase promises a good meal and a fun night out.

#5. AKSG 2 in 1 Fire PitBest For A Protective Mesh Cover

Product’s highlights

Besides efficiency, you also need to consider the safety of the fire pit. A metal cover will probably make you feel more secure while sitting near your grill.

The AKSG Outdoor Firepit Bowl will meet your needs. It allows you to use the included anti-spark screen to cover the fire pit to prevent sparks and sparks from escaping from the furnace.

When seated at a close distance, you can safely watch the warm flames bursting through the mesh surface surrounding the fire pit. The diamond-shaped mesh draws more air into the chamber, creating an intense flame that quickly cooks your food.

The large 25-inch diameter fire chamber holds more firewood to sustain the fire longer. This benefit allows you to enjoy the barbecue longer without worrying about changing the wood for the appliance.

This burning pit is large enough to perform the 2-in-1 feature. It both bakes your food and warms the surrounding space.

The AKSG Outdoor Bowl is more than simply an oven. It gives a real camping atmosphere by the blazing fire and the heat dispelling the cold night air.

This 2-in-1 fire pit will delight you with its removable heat shield located below the fire tube. It prevents the ash from falling on the lawn to avoid fires.

With the above additional features, AKSG’s equipment also possesses the must-have features of a portable fire pit BBQ. The most important factors include materials and structure.

Like all of the recommendations on this list, the AKSG Outdoor Firepit Bowl is a backyard fire pit grill. There is a heat and weather resistant coating on the surface of the material.

The device is both light to move and durable to last outdoors. Of course, we do not recommend letting it be exposed to water.

2 in 1 Fire Pit with Cooking Grate 30'' Wood Burning Firepit Outdoor Fire Pits Steel Firepit Bowl Outside with Swivel BBQ Grill, Spark Screen, Poker for Backyard Garden Bonfire Patio

7 new from $129.98
as of May 20, 2024 2:15 pm


  • Diamond-shaped net provides more air circulation
  • 360-degree swivel fire-pit grill grate
  • Removable and easy-to-clean heat shield
  • Heavy-duty steel and mesh crucible
  • Four symmetrical legs
  • Easy assembly
  • External fire pit bag


  •  Small fire pit grill grates

Bottom line

In a nutshell, the AKSG Outdoor Firepit Bowl is a steel device, easy to install as well as takes components apart for partial mobility. Most importantly, it gives you a good grilling experience without burning a hole in your pocket.

#6. Fire Pit 22″ Wood Burning Fire PitsBest For Budget

Product’s highlights

This Fire Pit 22″ Wood Burning Fire Pits is the cheapest on our list. With less than $50, you’ll get a four-legged steel fire pan included.

This pop-up fire pit stands out most in terms of portability, as it weighs only 12.8 pounds. Anyone can carry it in their hands.

It comes with a flame retardant seal and sparks shield. This feature protects you from burning debris.

When the fire is burning, you can adjust the flame size using the fire poker. It has an insulated plastic tip that makes it feel secure to hold.

The Fire Pit 22″ is a 1.3mm thick steel fire pit with heat and a rust-resistant finish, making it ideal for outdoor camping.

Just insert the four legs into the circular frame and put the fire pan on. It’s ready to burn wood. The powerful flame and crackling explosion help create cozy memories with family and friends.

Fire Pit 22" Wood Burning Fire Pits Outdoor Firepit Steel BBQ Grill Fire Bowl with Spark Screen, Log Grate, Poker for Camping Patio Backyard Garden Picnic Bonfire
as of May 20, 2024 2:15 pm


  • Solid steel construction
  • High-Temperature Coating
  • Lightweight
  • Fire poker included
  • Supplement anti-spark screen


  •  No grill grate included

Bottom line

We consider Fire Pit 22″ the best fire pit grill for its super lightweight design and affordable price. Although it doesn’t come with a grill grate, you can easily buy one of the appropriate diameters. Refer to some outstanding picks here!

#7. LEGACY HEATING Outdoor Fire PitBest For Large Fire Bowl

Product’s highlights

LEGACY gives you a fire pit with the most space to store firewood. The diameter of the fire pan is up to 30 inches.

Large firewood storage space helps prolong the burning time. You won’t need to change the firewood as often and can enjoy more time with friends.

This set comes with many ingredients ready to bake as soon as you take it out of the box. A kit includes an aluminum pit table, a mesh screen cover, a wood fire poker, and a BBQ grill.

It’s is super easy to set up the pit, and the fire burns in 10 minutes with quality dry wood. If you feel the fire weakening during grilling, lift the grate out and adjust the firewood with the wood fire poker.

The large fire chamber helps increase the contact area with the air, helping the fire burn evenly and strongly. The crackling explosions bring a wild atmosphere to the party.

Be sure to close the lid to prevent sparks from escaping. This feature makes it ideal for partying in small spaces as the mesh lid prevents debris from flying around to people around.

The deep metal fire pit stands firmly on three sturdy legs. Heavy-duty steel structure to prevent tipping during a fire, ensuring everyone’s safety.

It’s great because LEGACY uses a lot thicker steel than other alternatives. The weight of 50 pounds, more than twice that of the BioLite FirePit+, says it all.

30in Outdoor Fire Pit with BBQ Grill, Large Size Bonfire Burning Wood Grill, for Patio Backyard Camping Ranch Family Firepit Cooking Grill, Round Fire Pit Cover, Black
as of May 20, 2024 2:15 pm


  • Large fire bowl of 30 inches
  • BBQ grill grate included
  • Mesh cover
  • Sturdy construction
  • Rust-resistant powder coat finish


  • Heavy

Bottom line

The LEGACY HEATING outdoor grill is a nice tool and well built. It gives you a natural outdoor bonfire experience for less than $100.

Buying Guides

These days, outdoor tourism has become widespread. People have to take many different gadgets with them.

They all depend on the size of the luggage and the capacity of the car. Making fire requires great care. For this purpose, collapsible barbecues and fire bowls are ideal for use.

best fire pit grills

2-in-1 fire pit 

In this section, we cover important criteria to consider when making a purchase decision. Hopefully, this guide will help you make a quick and accurate purchase.


The first thing you should pay attention to when buying a fire pit grill is the material. Steel is the best material for such an item.

It is durable and perfectly transmits heat, so it is great to warm up near it in the evenings. Steel is flexible, so vessels made of this material can be of any shape.

High-end products must include an anti-rust coating. It also needs to be weatherproof for outdoor use.

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Safety Features

When choosing a fire pit grill, you should pay attention to its cooking capacity and the device’s safety. It must ensure insulation so as not to cause burns to the user.

Some high-priced products will include an extra layer of insulating enamel. It also comes with a wrap-around edge and mesh cover to prevent large sparks from flying out. Look at BioLite FirePit+ to learn about this feature.

The manufacturer will build lower-priced products with an offsite metal ring to prevent you from getting too close to the fire pan. Check Signstek 32″ for details!

Smokeless Feature

It is an optional feature that only appears on certain high-priced items. These appliances not only fulfill the basic needs of a grill, but they also care about the user experience.

You can find this benefit in the BioLite FPB1001 and its upgraded version. BioLite’s two fire pits allow you to grill food over high heat while minimizing smoke emissions.


When purchasing a BBQ fire pit, you should know exactly in what conditions you will use it. In a stationary installation, you have to prioritize structural reliability and maximum convenience.

Camping options should primarily be light and compact. They must allow you to load them into the trunk of a car or a carrying bag to bring them into working position at the resting place quickly.

An outdoor fire pit grill rarely exceeds the dimensions of 60 x 40 x 40 inches or the diameter of 35 inches. It must come with four low legs.

Due to the small cooking surface, a portable fire pit with a grill can serve less than 6-8 servings of meat at a time. In terms of design, you need to pick up a collapsible and folding model.


The questions below will help you understand more about fire pit grills. They will give you information about fire pits and similar appliances.

What Is A Wood-Burning Fire Pit With Grill?

A classic fire pit grill (brazier) is a square or round box made of heat-resistant material. In the brazier, you can burn the wood until it forms a thick layer of hot coals.

The device will suck fresh air to ensure controlled combustion. It comes with a fire pit grill grates and a rotating fork for making barbecues.

Several typical design solutions for barbecues provide high-quality cooking on such equipment. Let’s look at them in the above section.

best fire pit grills battersby 7

What Is The Difference Between Propane Fire Pits And Wood-Burning Fire Pits?

Gas and wood are two of the most popular choices of fire pits. Because they use two different types of fuels, they have different advantages and disadvantages.

A propane fire pit often has a small fire pan, which helps reduce the appliance’s weight. But, using this fuel source has some limitations because you can’t always use the propane tanks.

On the other hand, a wood-burning fire pit needs a larger fire pan to accommodate the firewood. Surrounding sides must be mesh or have many holes for air circulation.

The advantage of the wood-burning fire pit is its unlimited use. Anywhere you can find dry firewood, it’s possible to burn the fire pit. A wood-burning fire gives off a distinctive smell, and the crackling sound of wood provides a natural experience that many people love.

In the review of the top 7 fire pits BBQ, we have featured the best wood-burning models. Now, you can get acquainted with some of the best gas pits on the market.

  • Outland Living Firebowl
  • Heininger 5995
  • Bond Manufacturing 67836

Should I Buy A Fire Pit Table?

A fire pit table often reminds you of a large and luxurious piece of furniture for the backyard. Before deciding whether to buy it or not, you need to learn about its pros and cons.


  • Cooking: Table-style fire pits often prepare the space for you to prepare food before grilling.
  • Decoration: The fire tables often have a luxurious design. It will add a chic look to your premises.


  • Safety features: You need to pay attention to safety factors when buying this product. Avoid the use of inferior materials to prevent the risk of fire and explosion in the home.
  • Expensive: The fire pit table is a beautiful piece of furniture that will cost you quite a bit of money.

After considering the above factors, the decision will depend on your needs and budget. Here we have some outstanding models for those who want to shop now.

  • Best Choice Products
  • Yaheetech Multifunctional

best fire pit grills battersby 4

What Type Of Fire Pit Generates The Most Heat?

Wood-burning fire pits generate the most heat. It usually produces flames that are larger than those in a gas fire pit.

Therefore, the wood-burning fire tigers add an efficient heating function. It is a useful device for night camping.

Are Fire Pits Better Than Chimineas?

Each type has its advantages and disadvantages. We will help you understand the bottom line. Chimineas only radiate heat to one side. It meant that only the people sitting at the front door of the Chimineas could come into the warmth.

On the other hand, fire pits radiate 360 degrees of heat. The fire bowl structure with mesh surround allows you to view the fire from all directions. Because of the open design, fire pits are less secure than Chimineas.

Therefore, you need to choose fire pits with fire intensity control systems like BioLite FPB1001 and BioLite FirePit+. Or consider cheaper options with protective mesh covers, such as AKSG 2 in 1  and LEGACY HEATING.

Final Words

In the reviews above, we’ve covered eight of the best fire pit grills and the reasons why they rank in our top picks. We hope this helps you define your own needs and narrow down which grill is right for you!

If you are looking for a good quality device but in the middle of the price and size range, you won’t go wrong with the BioLite FirePit+. But you may also have your own needs.

Share your other choices to help others decide. Thank you for reading!

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