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Can You Store Bananas In Fridge? Some Methods To Keep Banana Fresh

Can you put bananas in the fridge? Refrigerating bananas helps them remain fresh longer, but it will block the oxidation reaction and cause its skin to become black if you refrigerate immature bananas. 

When you put them in the refrigerator after they have begun to turn brown, they’ll turn mushy much quicker. Bananas that are ripe but still yellow should be refrigerated for two weeks.

Let’s discover the details!

Can You Store Bananas In Fridge?

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Can You Keep Bananas In The Fridge?

You can store bananas in the fridge, and that’s something that many people do. After all, many people advise storing almost all other fruit in the refrigerator. A banana, on the other hand, is a tropical fruit that needs warmth to ripen.  

When you go inside the shop and stand in front of the banana racks, you will almost certainly be greeted with a field of green fruit. Bananas start green and turn a distinctive golden color as they mature. 

So you get your fruit bag and return home with it. Bananas at first are too bitter to consume, so you have to wait for them to ripen. That’s where the majority of individuals make their first error.

The ripening of unripe bananas may be slower by storing them in the refrigerator. Whereas the peel becomes blotchy and has an unattractive brown hue, the bananas inside stay immature. The peel continues to thin and degrade. 

Even when the bananas were taken out of the fridge and allowed to ripen at room temp, the skin would not be thick enough to cover the fruit. As a result, keeping unripe bananas in the fridge is a guaranteed way of losing them. 

An essential thing to note for storing bananas in the fridge is that they must be completely ripe before doing so (It is not unripe, but it’s also not overripe). When bananas are ripe, please place them in the refrigerator to increase their lifespan for two weeks! 

Don’t be dismayed if the bananas begin to deteriorate fast in the fridge. Inside the refrigerator, ripe bananas may turn brown. At the very least, the skin will become brown, but the fruit will stay ripe and delicious for several weeks. 

So, if you see that the bananas have turned brown, do not instantly toss them in the garbage. The fully ripe bananas that you started with are still within the peel! 

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Keep Bananas From Other Fruit

Categorizing a fruit cabinet in your fridge will help you keep your bananas apart from the rest of your food. Instead, ensure that all your goods are wrapped in plastic wrap or stored in airtight containers. 

Most foods profit from being kept apart from other items in the fridge, so this advice is helpful in more aspects than one. Remember that bananas might cause other fruits to spoil sooner than they would.  

The ethylene gas generated by bananas causes this. If you store bananas in a compact area alongside another vegetable or fruits for an extended period, they may rot early. Wrap the bananas’ stems with plastic wrap to keep mold and insects out of your fruit bowl.

Employing plastic wrap to keep the gas from reaching other fruits will help delay the rotting cycle, but it won’t stop it entirely. However, you may exploit the fact that your bananas produce this gas to your benefit since it can aid in the ripening process. 

Fill a wrapper halfway with bananas fridge and other fruit you wish to mature. Leave them overnight, and have a fully ripened fruit in the morning.

You can rely on the instructions in this video to better understand can bananas be refrigerated?

Other Ways To Keep Banana Fresh

Apart from keeping bananas fresh in the refrigerator, you can store them at room temperature or freeze them. 

Store Bananas At Room Temperature

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Keeping Bananas At Room Temperature

You may also leave your bananas out at room temp instead of putting them in the fridge. It is our preferred method since you do not have to wait for them to ripen before refrigerating them.  

Bananas grow and ripen best in warm weather. While the kitchen may not be as warm as any tropical region, it’s still more generous than the fridge. Bananas, on the other hand, are among the fussiest fruits, and they peel readily.

When you keep bananas at room temperature, it is easier to tell when they’re underripe, fully ripe, or overripe. If a ripe banana has become brown and is mushy to the feel, it has become degraded and spoiled.

This way differs from storing them in the fridge since the bananas may seem brown but are still fully ripe. Nevertheless, their shelf life will inevitably dwindle if you don’t put them in the refrigerator once they’ve matured.

Store Bananas In The Freezer

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Freeze Bananas

Frozen banana pieces are a great summer snack or may be used to achieve the most incredible texture in smoothies. Nevertheless, there is also something to do before freezing bananas to ensure that they are as tasty as possible whenever it is ready for you to eat. 

Bananas are ideally frozen and consumed frozen since when thawed, they become slimy and mushy. Peel and slice it to the ideal size before freezing it. It will be much more difficult to peel and cut frozen bananas.

The banana peel will likewise become slimy and black in the freezer. Remember to remove the skin before freezing it because this may not be the intended effect and unpleasant. 

Your banana chunks will not stay together throughout the cooling process if you flash freeze them. Freeze for three hours on a baking sheet before moving them to a freezer bag in the freezer. 

To keep them from turning brown inside the freezer, ensure the container or bag they’re in is airtight. Only freeze completely ripe bananas since they will not ripen further once frozen. You can freeze bananas for up to half of a year.

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How To Prevent Ripe Bananas From Getting Brown?

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Banana Turns Brown

No one likes eating a brown banana, whether they want yellow or green bananas. Fortunately, there is an easy technique to keep your banana tree from becoming brown too soon. 

Bananas emit a gas that accelerates the ripening of anything around them, as we have already discussed. This gas also accelerates the maturation of bananas, causing them to become brown almost overnight. 

It would be best if you had some unripe or green avocados and a container big enough to accommodate them all together to avoid this. Arrange the bananas in the container with the unripe avocados on the sides.

By gently pressing the fruit, you can tell the difference between ripe and unripe avocados. Employing avocados to keep the bananas yellow is a good idea if the avocados are unripe. Avocados that are easily squeezable won’t be as effective as unripe ones. 

You may get the benefits of both fruits by doing so. The bananas will lose their gas, which the avocados will utilize. Therefore, the bananas last longer in fridge, and the avocados will mature more quickly. 

You may also place the bananas on a plate with other immature fruit after they’ve been split and their stems covered in plastic wrap.

Storing Bananas: What To Do And Avoid?

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Wrap The Stem Of Bananas With Plastic Seal To Avoid Mold

After discussing, we have compiled something that you should and shouldn’t do when storing the bananas. The following pointers will assist you in getting the most out of the banana! 

You Should:

  • Keep the bananas at an ideal temperature of approximately 12°C, since they ripen faster if kept at a higher temperature. 

It is best to work in a room that is dimly lit and does not get direct sunlight. Therefore, storing your bananas in a hot room is not a good idea. 

  • Put them inside the refrigerator: You can keep your bananas in the fridge to store bananas properly. Remember to do so when they are ripe because the cold atmosphere will prevent them from ripening further. 

It does not matter if the peel becomes brown due to the stern; it won’t affect the flavor.

  • When a banana is sliced and exposed to air, it soon turns brown. Sprinkle a few pineapple or lemon juice over banana slices for keeping them fresh – this is especially great in fruit salads. The fruit slices will stay fresher longer if you wrap them in an airtight and cold area.

You Shouldn’t:

  • Wrap a banana thoroughly in plastic before storing it in a bag. In a wet, warm climate, these sweet sweets would rapidly decay and become inedible. 
  • Keep it in the same place as other fruits: Please be aware of the space! Apples, avocados, and other fruits and vegetables aid in the ripening process. It is a no-no if you would like to keep the bananas fresher longer. 
  • If you wish to preserve bananas properly, leave the peel on them alone. 

Final Thoughts

If you are a banana fan, you’ll want to figure out how best to keep them, so they do not go bad until you enjoy them. 

We recommend that you leave the bananas out at room temp till they are fully ripe. Moreover, putting a banana in fridge to keep it fresh for up to two weeks is a good idea. You can do so in the freezer. 

Do not forget to visit us at Battersby for more helpful tips and tricks in life. We have everything you seek.

Thank you for reading!

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