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The Best Zelite Infinity Chef Knife Reviews in 2022

Always being a paradise of food, kitchen knives are a sacred item of any Japanese chef. So it’s not surprising that Japanese knives are always a good choice. Therefore, we will provide you with the unbiased Zelite infinity chef knife review. Coming from the Zelite Infinity brand, this product will not disappoint you with its excellent quality and design. 

In-Depth Reviews of Zelite Infinity Chef Knife Alpha Royal Series in 2022

Zelite Infinity has set the standard for its own set of kitchen knives. And all products follow that standard. That helps to ensure quality, to satisfy the most demanding customers. Zelite Infinity is a brand with a lot of experience in the field of household appliances. Zelite Infinity’s products are environmentally friendly and safe for users.

In which, Zelite knives are chef’s knives bringing value for your money. They belong to Alpha Royal Series. We can make a profit if you click on the link in the associate program with Amazon.

1. Important Specifications 

  • Blade Material: Stainless Steel
  • Color: Black
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH: 15.35 x 0.94 x 1.89 inches
  • Construction Type: Forged

Zelite Infinity Chef Knife 10 Inch - Alpha-Royal Series - Japanese AUS-10 Super Steel 67-Layer Damascus - Razor Sharp, Superb Edge Retention
as of April 18, 2024 8:41 am

2. Product’s highlights

  • Design

Zelite knife has a design with meticulous attention to every detail. It is the crystallization of the talent and enthusiasm of each blacksmith.

The Zelite knives are usually 10 inches long. It is suitable for use in the kitchen area of every family. The premium material of the Zelite infinity chefs knife is high-quality stainless steel with 67 layers. This is an extremely good steel for blacksmithing. 

Premium Japanese AUS 10 steel has high hardness and excellent corrosion resistance. Besides, the blacksmith skillfully polished it with the famous tsunami rose Damascus pattern all over the world. 

The tsunami rose Damascus pattern is delicate and eye-catching. The VG 10 super steel knife is sure to please the most discerning guest.

With Zelite Infinity chef’s knives, you will become a real kitchen master. You can use it as a bread knife, boning knife, chopping knife, slicing knife, or utility knife.

  • Package 

The manufacturer packed alpha royal Japanese very carefully. It looks luxurious and high-class.

zelite infinity chef knife battersby 2

Package is so professional 

  • The blade knife

The blade has a rather attractive length. It has a depth of about 48 mm. 

The ergonomically designed blade is suitable for rocking-motion cuts. When cutting, it is very razor sharp and does not stick to food. In particular, it does not mind handling hard foods without curling its tongue.

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  • G10 handle knife

The well balanced handle has an ergonomic design. The rounded handle makes it easier to hold and has better force control. Full tang is a design that emphasizes certainty and durability. 

It has the advantage of excellent certainty, high reliability. The triple rivet brings certainty and beauty to the product.

It has undergone an extreme quenching process with liquid nitrogen. So it gives a knife a non-stick, sharp, durable edge.

zelite infinity chef knife battersby 1

Japanese AUS 10 super steel material 

  • Warranty policy

Zelite Infinity has a motto: Either 100% satisfaction or “money back guarantee”

The Zelite infinity chef knife offers a very pleasant warranty policy. You can get a lifetime warranty on manufacturer defects. However, you must note that you purchased directly from “Zelite infinity”. If you see the words “sold by Zelite Infinity,” it is correct.

  • Amazing performance

This blade is according to the Honbazuke Method. It has an unbelievable 12-degree angle. It creates the perfect sharpness when slicing steak, fish, or vegetables.

  • Price

The Japanese zelite infinity chef knife comes at a very affordable price. 

It is less than 150 USD. It is very pocket-friendly for any user.

3. What to consider

Some customers said that this is a very sharp knife. However, they do not like its origin to be in China. Anyway, they still prefer a genuine Japanese knife.

Besides, many fake and imitation goods on the market make it difficult for consumers to buy genuine products.

4. Bottom line

Our Zelite infinity chef knife has the perfect texture and good construction premium materials. This Japanese knife set makes you feel more professional and time-saving in your kitchen work. If you intend to give gifts to your neighbors at Christmas, the Zelite infinity chef knife set is a meaningful gift.

Buying Guides

zelite infinity chef knife battersby 4

The Alpha-Royal Chef Knife 

1. Why do you need to buy a good kitchen knife?

A great knife is also a great gift for mom. The reason is that this is a very beautiful and delicate product. Let’s see what advantages a good kitchen knife has compared to a normal knife.

  • Sharpness

All good, quality kitchen knives have high kitchen sharpness. Its construction material is usually super hard metal, stainless. 

It can be high carbon stainless steel or stain steel. It creates the sharpness of the knife. 

You can easily cut meat, cut bones at one time.

  • Durability

Made of stainless steel, it is extremely durable. You can use it for a long time, and there will be no rust. In addition, the blade is also very razor sharp and strong. So it is very difficult to chip if not hit too hard.

  • Beauty

There are many walkers made from peach wood. Many sets are porcelain, even decorated with knives. So looking at the utility knife set is also very nice. It creates elegance and harmony in luxury kitchens.

  • The knife that fits your hand

We’re talking about the right weight, right size. Usually, 1 set includes many different sizes. They are suitable for different jobs.

The knife is also moderately heavy. It gives you a much more secure grip. Those are the outstanding advantages of a good kitchen knife. In terms of durability, you can also rest assured for long-term use, saving even more money.

2. Criteria for choosing to buy a set of kitchen knives

There are many kitchen knives on the market today. Therefore, it is difficult for you to choose a quality utensil. Here are four criteria you need to pay special attention to help you make the most accurate and correct decision.

  • Material

It would help if you choose kitchen knives made from stainless steel or carbon steel to limit rust during use in terms of materials. 

Not only that, the products related to this steel often have high durability and sharpness. Besides, it is also safe for users’ health. It also does not contaminate food during processing.

Moreover, some other materials are quite popular for making knives, such as cutting steel, forging steel, etc.

  • Specialized function and style

Each type of knife has different functions and designs to meet the needs of consumers.

If you need to cut and slice soft foods such as vegetables, meat, and fish, you should pay attention to the use of lightweight cutters. Besides, the knife plate should be 4 to 6cm wide. The blade should be thin to avoid hand fatigue.

Meanwhile, the chopping knives will have a large structure with a firm handle and a longer blade.

  • Size

According to the specific function of each knife, each product has a certain size. These are also the criteria you need to pay special attention to choose the most accurate products.

A knife of the right size will make you comfortable, easy to use. It also does not cause hand fatigue.

  • Brands 

There is no denying that the distribution market of kitchen knives today is extremely diverse and rich. There are thousands of products from different brands.

Among them, it is impossible not to mention brands from Japan, Switzerland, and Germany. Depending on your needs and financial conditions, you have to choose the most suitable product.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are sharp cutting edge guards available?

The great knife does not come with a sheath. Instead, a nice carrying case is a good alternative. If you need a knife case to protect a sharp edge, you can pick one up on Amazon for less than $5. There are many models of knife covers for you to choose from.

2. Where did this high carbon stainless steel chef’s knife come from?

The knives made in China make clients bewildered. They often think it comes from Japan. 

The final product is born at the Chinese factory in the Yangjiang area, China. People often call this place by another name, the capital of knife and cutlery.

Although the knife is of Chinese origin, the quality of the Japanese steel blade does not disappoint. The steel blade is of Japanese origin. It is imported directly from the Takefu region of the Japanese grill.

Zelite Infinity comes with the principle of either 100% satisfaction or “money back guarantee”. Zelite Infinity commits to bringing customers absolute satisfaction.

It takes up to 60 days for a complete knife. By using standard German operating procedures, it is always the best quality brand in the market.

zelite infinity chef knife battersby 3

Alpha Royal Series – Chef’s knife 

3. How can I store my knives?

You will have a method for long-term use and ensure safety for health. Check out the following tips:

  • Use the correct function of the knife

The first and simplest way to store knives is to use the correct function of each type of knife.

You should not use a knife to cut hot food or use a knife on metal or ceramic surfaces. Besides, it would help if you did not let the acidic ingredients found in fruit, tomato sauce, etc., stick to the blade. This will cause the blade to wear out quickly.

  • Clean knives immediately after use.

When finished using the knife, clean the knife with a non-abrasive dishwashing cloth. Some housewives tend to soak knives in water when cutting sticky objects. No! Never immerse the knife in water or dirt.

It would help if you put the knife in a wooden box or knife rack to ensure its durability. Before placing, you should use a clean towel to dry the knife to avoid mold on the knife shelf.

  • Keep knives away from silver materials.

To keep knives durable, do not place knives near silver objects. Chemical reactions will cause the knife to wear out quickly.

On the other hand, you should keep the plastic handle away from heat sources to avoid melting.

  • Keep the knife sharp.

To keep your knives sharp, you should sharpen them regularly. Depending on the type of knife and the level of use, you will have a reasonable sharpening time. It would help if you sharpened the knife on a small stone or use specialized knife sharpeners.

After sharpening, you should wash the knife, let it dry before using it for cooking. If used immediately, the metal dust left after grinding may affect health.

  • Preserve durable knives from rusting

You can apply some cooking oil on the knife surface, soak it in rice water, or rub ginger on the surface of the knife. This will keep your knives looking as good as new.

  • Do not wash knives in the dishwasher.

Never wash knives in the dishwasher. This will damage the blades and other items in the dishwasher.

In addition, not soaking the knife in water for too long is an effective way to preserve the knife. Wood handle knives will loosen the handle and make it difficult to use later.

  • Avoid exposure to high temperatures.

When in use, you should not expose the knife to the fire or expose the knife to the sun for too long. This is to preserve the knife’s durability. 

This will cause the blade to melt. Then the knife will no longer be sharp and very difficult to sharpen.

Knives are an indispensable kitchen item for every family. You can use it for quite a long time if you know how to store your knives effectively.

4. What knives do I need to buy?

You need to equip your perfect kitchen with at least four different knives. Each of them is to serve the diverse cooking needs of homemakers.

  • Peeling knife

Peeling knives are very necessary and indispensable in the kitchen. It would help if you chose a knife with a design that is convenient to use and hold. It is quite easy to manipulate for peeling small fruits and vegetables or trimming herbs and green onions.

A small paring knife usually has a blade length of about 7-10 cm and a long handle. Ceramic knives are especially suitable for this job thanks to their sharpness and neatness. Storing knives is also very simple and quick.

  • Multifunction knife

The multi-purpose knife will help you cut large vegetables, meat, and even sandwiches.

The knife has a serrated sharp edge, and the blade is about 13 cm long. You can use them as multi-purpose knives such as paring, mincing, cutting, and more.

  • Cutting knife

The chopper has a thick blade, which is very heavy. It is powerful with the highlight of a slightly curved blade. Use this knife to chop bones, cut meat, or mince.

zelite infinity chef knife

Alpha royal series

  • Filter knife

The filter knife has a special design. It usually has a narrow, stiff blade that curves upwards. It makes it easy to work around bones. The shape is slim and sharp. The typical size of a deboning knife is between 12 and 17 cm.

This is a special kitchen knife. It has a design with features to help to debone meat, fish, and poultry.

How to maintain the filter knife is relatively difficult. It would help if you were cautious to avoid injury cut by this sharp knife.


In the kitchen, perhaps the knife is one of the things that create the style of the cook. So does Zelite Infinity Chef’s Knife – Alpha Royal Series. I became close friends with a professional chef. It makes cooking feel better and more professional. Reality shows like Master Chef also frequently use this switch. So buy your home a set of Zelite Infinity knives today.

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