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What to Serve with Ham: 20+ of Best Side Dishes for Ham

Ham dinner is one of the best meals ever. Especially Easter ham and Christmas ham. However, to increase the flavor of the dish. We need side dishes to serve with ham. Together, they make a great holiday meal. But, what are the good side dishes to go with ham? Let’s find out in this article!

What to serve with ham? 

1. Garlic mashed potatoes with parmesan cheese

what to serve with ham battersby 1

Photo of smashed potatoes dish

When it comes to making the perfect accompaniment to meat dishes like ham or pork chops, there’s one dish that stands out from the rest: mashed potatoes!

They are very light and smooth. And how could it not be easy to mix potatoes, milk, butter and spices?

For an extra thick and creamy consistency, you can add sour cream to the mix. It creates a nice little crust. It helps cut down on the fatness of the potatoes, milk and butter.

2. Scalloped potatoes

what to serve with ham battersby 2

Scalloped potatoes as side dish for baked ham

A classic accompaniment to a ham dinner are potatoes. With thinly sliced potatoes stacked, potatoes with the skin certainly look fancy. But using a trampoline makes prepping them a breeze. 

The casserole is cooked for about an hour. Combining red potatoes, a quick homemade sauce. In addition, onions with dry mustard and a dash of nutmeg for extra flavor.

3. Sweet potato casserole

what to serve with ham battersby 3

Sweet potato casserole side dish 

A variation on regular potatoes. Sweet potato stew is a delicious alternative that will give your taste buds pure pleasure. 

Creamy sweet potatoes topped with crispy pecans will make any day feel like Thanksgiving. And the combination of sweet and savory is delicious.

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4. Green bean casserole

what to serve with ham battersby 4

Photo of Green bean casserole 

Another holiday classic, the chickpea casserole is always a favorite. Something about the combination of creamy mushroom soup, fresh green peas and deep fried French onions is just mouth-watering.

Be careful or else this scrumptious side can outshine even the finest of hams.

5. Roasted asparagus

what to serve with ham battersby 5

Fresh roasted asparagus or roasted vegetables 

Roasting asparagus is one of our favorite ways to prepare this popular springtime vegetable. All you need is a little sea salt and lemon zest for flavor.

But the savory aioli or pesto sauce will give these crunchy vegetables the aroma and flavor of goby. Making them a go-to dish. Ideal side dish for ham.

6. Spaghetti squash

what to serve with ham battersby 6

Spaghetti squash is among the best side dishes for ham

Pumpkin spaghetti has a sweet taste and is delicious served with ham. This fall vegetable separates into strands when roasted. Giving it a unique noodle-like presentation. 

A little butter and salt is all you need for seasoning.

7. Honey glazed carrots

what to serve with ham battersby 7

Honey glazed carrots is a good side dish for ham

If you’re looking for a simple side to your ham dinner, roasted carrots are a perfect choice!

The recipe is so simple yet incredibly delicious when you cook it right. It’s packed with raw carrots, olive oil, fresh thyme, garlic, and balsamic vinegar for a delicious taste.

They can serve as an accompaniment to pork chops, ham, steak or even a great snack to soak up your next movie night.

8. Dinner rolls

what to serve with ham battersby 8

Dinner rolls photo as side dishes for ham

I don’t think you can have a ham dinner without some bread on the table. Whether you’re using whole wheat and oatmeal (add milk and eggs to keep them spongy) or a simple white dinner (put a little butter inside the roll before baking for a delicious treat) is also a must!

Be sure to add butter and jam to complete this essential side dish.

9. Cornbread

what to serve with ham battersby 9

Photo of cornbread

Versatility is what I love most about cornbread. Whether your favorite recipe is savory or sweet, tortillas are always delicious. Combine your ham with fresh, steamed corn tortillas covered with butter. And everyone’s going home happy.

With sloth, you can stick to the classic gameplay. Or look for something a little more laid-back. Sweet jalapeno tortillas raise the heat a bit. But still balance out some sugary sweetness. In my opinion, it’s the perfect bread.

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10. Mac and cheese

what to serve with ham battersby 10

Creamy Mac and cheese as good sides with ham

It’s hard to go wrong with this all-white Mac and cheese! It includes two things we really love. Pasta and lots of melty cheese. Bake it for a nice golden crust on top.

11. Creamed spinach

what to serve with ham battersby 11

Creamy spinach as perfect side dish for ham

Spinach ice cream is a traditional holiday dish that pairs particularly well with cooked cold cuts. It requires only a handful of ingredients. Including pureed greens, butter, cream, and Parmesan. But aficionados of the steakhouse know that it’s creamy, and full of flavor.

12. Broccolini

what to serve with ham battersby 12

Photo of broccolini

Also known as baby broccoli, broccolini makes a great side dish and goes well with almost anything, including ham. Broccolini has longer, thinner stalks and smaller flowers so it’s easier to prepare and eat, even kids will love it.

Roast it with some garlic, coat it with some vinegar or eat it with some salt and butter, and your meal is done!

13. Au gratin potato

what to serve with ham battersby 13

Au gratin potato photo

Why do ham and baked potatoes go together? Well, if ham was a superhero, the potato au gratin would be its trusted companion. The rich, tender, creamy potatoes can certainly hold their own. But they can withstand the saltiness of the ham in a uniquely delicious way. Plus, this recipe is so easy to make with ingredients you probably have on hand.

14. Deviled eggs

what to serve with ham battersby 14

Deviled eggs as side dishes for ham

Hard-boiled eggs will taste good for up to a week in the refrigerator. Usually, I boil a large batch, peel them 3 days before serving, and prepare the filling 2 days ahead of time.

Store the filling in a large resealable ziplock bag for canning when ready to fill. If you’re adding anything crunchy, like candied bacon, mix that in as you pour in the egg whites.

Add the filling to the eggs no more than 12 hours ahead of time. Cover well to avoid crust formation on the yolk. Sprinkle with any crisps, like scallions, nuts, or bacon just before serving.

15. Collard greens

what to serve with ham battersby 15

Photo of collard greens

Another touch of Southern flair, broccoli is a delicious way to get something healthy on the table. Spice up the greens with some vinegar, sugar, onions, and maybe even some bacon if you’re feeling guilty and you’ll have a hearty meal.

Put a bottle of hot sauce on the table for an authentic southern pairing.

16. Bacon pea salad

what to serve with ham battersby 16

Pea salad as ham dinner side dish

If you’re looking to spice up your ham, try serving a bowl of bean salad. This bright salad is rich, filling, and creamy all at once.

The velvety yogurt-based sauce pairs well with cheddar cheese, crisp celery, and shallots. The best part? Bacon! Make the pea salad a day in advance and combine the ingredients before you serve it.

17. Steamed green beans

what to serve with ham battersby 17

Photo of steamed green beans

This steamed chickpea is a perfect accompaniment to your grilled pork chops, lasagna, ham or chicken thighs.

One of the secrets to making delicious green bean soup is to make sure the vegetables aren’t overcooked. Once done, they usually turn a bright green color and have a mild crunch and intense flavor.

18. Creamy potato, carrot, and leek soup

what to serve with ham battersby 18

Hot soup potato dish for warm flavor

On a colder day, a warm bowl of soup is comforting. The potato, carrot and leek soup is very cozy, contains a lot of vegetables and has a delicious creamy taste.

Serve it with some of your sourdough bread and soft ham, and your meal will be hearty and filling, and warm your body and soul.

19. Wild rice and mushroom Pilaf

what to serve with ham battersby 19

Photo of mushroom pilaf and rice

With a rich and nutty flavor, rice lamb and mushroom paella are great to enjoy in cool weather. Almonds and spices enhance the mushroom’s natural meaty flavor. For best results, rinse the rice under cold running water (using a fine mesh strainer) before cooking.

20. Cacio e Pepe brussels sprouts

what to serve with ham battersby 20

Photo of Cacio e Pepe brussels sprouts

I know brussels sprouts are not everyone’s favorite vegetable, but when roasted to perfection, they are sweet, nutritious, and in my opinion delicious.

Add in a heap of Parmesan and black pepper and you have a dish everyone will love. It’s also a great way to incorporate low-carb options into your holiday table.

21. Roasted cauliflower

what to serve with ham battersby 21

Photo of roasted cauliflower

Roasting cauliflower in the oven brings out the tantalizing flavors of this healthy seasonal vegetable. The flowers are combined with a savory concoction of garlic and Parmesan cheese, mixed with olive oil and roasted to perfection.

22. Farro

what to serve with ham battersby 22

Photo of farro

If you haven’t tried any of the farro foods yet, this next entry is a great recipe to start with!

Farro is a staple food that is also considered a substitute for pasta and rice. This ingredient is very versatile, but it also complements well with ricotta cheese and honey.

Like most grains like barley and quinoa, farro is fairly easy to cook. You can cook them in a pan or in a rice cooker.

23. Boston baked beans

what to serve with ham

Photo of Boston baked beans

Boston baked beans are a popular accompaniment to ham dinners and are easy to make at home. Just soak the dried beans overnight before cooking with bacon, onions, molasses, brown sugar, and seasonings.


Hopefully, the list of ham dinner side dishes will help you complete a delicious main dish. Ham participates in various recipes, that’s the reason we should change side dishes. It will create a novelty for the dish.

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