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What to serve with chili? Top 15 Best Side Dishes for Chili

Chili is an extremely popular condiment. Sometimes, they have a big effect on the taste of a dish. The dishes that come with chili will be a great choice for cold winters. The following article will give you some easy-to-make side dishes. You can enjoy them at parties, intimate gatherings or simply an evening with family. So, let’s find out the sides that go well with chili and learn about the question “what to eat with chili

What to serve with chili?

With just a little chili, you can make many dishes so much better. Sweet potato fries, breadsticks and baked sweet potatoes seem to be the best choices. This article gives you more options than that.

1. Sweet potato fries

As we know, sweet potato fries are one of the most popular side dishes. That is why this side dish is at the top of this list. It is great that we can enjoy sweet potato fries while watching a blockbuster at home. It gives you a spicy, sweet and salty taste. This dish is a great mix of taste!

In fact, this tasty dish is also very easy to make. You can finish this amazing dish in about half an hour.

First, you need to preheat the oven to 200ºC. While waiting for the oven to get hot enough. you need to wash some potatoes. Since you will not need to peel these potatoes, you need to thoroughly wash the outside of them.

Next, cut them into bite-sized pieces and place them in a large bowl. Add a little olive oil, sea salt, black peppers and chili powder. Finally, bake them in the oven for about 30 minutes or so. As long as potato skins start to turn light brown.

what to serve with chili battersby 1

Potato fries are one of the most popular side dishes 

2. Breadsticks (comes with a bowl of chili)

When it comes to what goes well with chili, you should not ignore cheesy breadsticks. In fact, cheesy breadsticks themselves are also delicious, right? However, if you dip them in a bowl of chili, you will get a great flavour.

3. Baked sweet potatoes

We will continue with baked potatoes, a dish also made from potatoes. Like sweet potato fries, baked potatoes are the perfect side dish for movie nights or the party. Imagine you are enjoying baked sweet potatoes topped with cheese and sour cream with your friends. It is great, isn’t it? 

For this dish, removing potato skins is not necessary. So you have to clean the potato skins before processing them.

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When it comes to what to serve with chili, you can’t miss sweet potato fries 

4. Chips & Guacamole

Chips & Guacamole is a perfect side dish for busy office workers. Enjoying a piece of your favourite tortilla chips on your break will make you feel more alive. For an even better taste, it’s wise to enjoy it with guacamole cream or melted cheese.

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5. Grilled cheese (comes with a bowl of chili)

This list would be incomplete without mentioning grilled cheese. You can prepare a hot delicious sandwich with chili and grilled cheese. What could be better than that? This wonderful combination will give you a perfect taste.

what to serve with chili battersby 2

Grilled cheese with a bowl of chili  will give you a perfect taste 

6. The taco

By using chili as a filling for the taco, you can create a great side dish. It is a combination of soft and hot tortillas, the sweetness of the meat and the spiciness of chili. 

Besides, it also has the deliciousness of meat and the spiciness of chili. Well, you will want to eat this all the time! Taco seasoning and chili will mesmerize anyone.

7. Quesadillas

Quesadillas are a tasty dish for intimate dates. It is a great mix of cheese, chili, shredded chicken and tortilla bread. With this comfort food, you will have wonderful moments with your loved ones. Of course, you can replace the chicken with other toppings.

8. Fresh Salad

Fresh Salad is one of the side dishes that are suitable to serve with chili. To prepare this wonderful dish, you need to prepare a few ingredients. They are fresh green vegetables, pre-processed carrots, crispy radishes, cucumbers and tomatoes, etc. 

Of course, you can’t forget to prepare some chili powder.

Fresh salad is the best side dish for those who want to lose weight. It is also a nutritious dish for a perfect breakfast.

9.  Rice

By using chili as one of the toppings for rice, you will get a very unique flavour. Spanish rice is a great example of this combination. It is a combination of rice, tomato, garlic, green onions and peppers. It is one of the best dishes for dinners in the cold winter.

what to serve with chili battersby 3

Spanish rice is one of the best dishes for dinners in the cold winter 

10. Cornbread

Sometimes, an unfussy dish also surprises you. A perfect example of that is the combination of buttery cornbread with chili. This is a portion of comfort food that can please your whole family.

There are many ideas for cornbread. Fortunately, most of them are easy to do. You can easily find a cornbread recipe on the internet. Even for many cooking sites, they will send a cornbread recipe straight to your inbox if you need it.

With a simple cornbread recipe, you can make a scrumptious cornbread for your family. Are you ready?

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There are many cornbread recipes for cornbread. Fortunately, most of them are easy to do

11. Soft pretzels

Soft pretzels are a great choice for your kids. In fact, this tasty dish is the perfect substitute for cornbread. By combining soft pretzels and a bowl of chili, you can create a hearty meal for the kids.

By using it for the party, you could be a real crowd-pleaser. 

12. Nachos

Nacho is a hearty meal from northern Mexico. Its classic version is usually made from tortilla chips and cheese. For more complex versions, you can add more ingredients and use them as the main meal.

You can find recipes for nachos at cooking sites. They will even send a recipe straight to your inbox if you ask.

13. Cheesy Potato Skins

You can easily complete this dish in less than 30 minutes. There is nothing better than this great appetizer. It consists of potato skins, creamy cheese, and bacon. This classic dish will bring you the perfect spicy taste.

13. Sweet potatoes

If you want to enjoy the spice from an easy-to-make dish, sweet potatoes are the perfect dish for you. To make this dish more perfect, you should add some other seasonings. Commonly recommended seasonings are salt, brown sugar, and pepper. Usually, this dish acts as an attractive dessert.

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14. Onion rings

This classic dish is perfect for intimate parties. You can easily enjoy this dish at home without having to go to a restaurant. The crispy and spicy taste of this dish will satisfy anyone.

what to serve with chili

Onion Rings is a perfect dish for intimate parties 

15. Coleslaw

There is no denying that cleslaw is the perfect substitute for fresh salad. This is a great combination of green vegetables and the spiciness of chili peppers. This dish is perfect for busy people. In less than 30 minutes, you can complete this refreshing dish for a delicious meal.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long does it take me to make a Cornbread?

Excluding prep time, it can take you about 30 minutes to complete one Cornbread.

2. For sweet potato fries, can I peel the potatoes before cooking?

The short answer is yes. You can peel the potatoes, then wash them and start cooking. However, peeling is not necessary.

3. All of the above are high in calories, right?

No. There are low-calorie options like fresh salad, coleslaw. The main ingredients of these dishes are vegetables and fruits. Therefore, they are suitable for people who need to lose weight.


Now, do you know what to serve with chili, right? Hopefully, with the list above, you have got an idea for your next dinner. All the dishes on this list are very easy to make. In particular, it does not take you more than one hour to complete one of them. 

Let’s save the above tips and prepare wonderful dishes for your loved ones. Don’t forget to visit us regularly for more useful knowledge.

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