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Top 6 The Best Japanese Survival Knife in 2022 

The Japan survival knife is a necessary item in forest trips, field trips, camping in the mountains, ravines, and streams. It has the main effect of clearing the path, cutting down small trees, and cutting vines. Besides, it has a self-defense function and many other functions in one knife. Let’s find out the best survival knives via this post.


The Best Japan Survival Knives in 2022 on the market

1. Spyderco Para Military 2 Signature Folding Knife

Product’s highlights

The first Japan hunting knife we want to introduce to users is Spyderco Para Military 2 Signature Folding Knife. This knife has a blade length of ‎3.42 inches. High-quality stainless steel blade. With its compact shape, it is comfortable to use. 

In addition, the Japanese survival knife Spyderco is also one of the most durable knives in Japan survival knife categories.

Spyderco Para Military 2 Signature Folding Knife with 3.42" CPM S45VN Steel Blade and Durable G-10 Handle - PlainEdge - C81GP2

20 new from $170.00
as of April 9, 2024 11:24 pm

What We Like

  • Super compact and convenient
  • Pocket-friendly price
  • Weight is light
  • Thin stainless steel blade
  • Easy to use
  • Durable Japanese survival knife

Things to Consider

  • Since it’s small, it’s not good when doing heavy-duty

Bottom line

The Spyderco Para Military survival knife is very convenient for forest trips. You can fold it when not in use. The product comes with a waterproof and mildew-resistant carrying sheath. Overall, it’s worth every penny.

2. Spyderco Endura 4 Lightweight Signature Folder Knife

Product’s highlights

Referring to the multi-function survival knife, it is impossible not to mention the Spyderco Endura 4. It is a very good multi-purpose knife that has become so familiar. It is widely popular with picnic lovers and backpackers.

The serrated part helped to cut the wire and saw the wire quickly. This is also a plus for this good survival knife.

Spyderco Endura 4 Lightweight Signature Folder Knife with 3.80" Black VG-10 Steel Blade and FRN Handle - CombinationEdge - C10PSBBK

10 new from $99.89
Free shipping
as of April 9, 2024 11:24 pm

What We Like

  • High-reliability survival knife
  • Ergonomics of the good grip
  • Blade length of 3.80 inches
  • Guaranteed good performance
  • The survival knife is suitable for indoor and outdoor emergencies
  • Integrated serrated blade

Things to Consider

  • The knife is hard to deploy promptly.

Bottom line

The Spyderco Endura 4 Multi-Purpose Survival Knife comes with multiple functions. It will be an important tool to accompany you in the times of conquering the most difficult roads, the wildest places.

3. Spyderco Dragonfly Signature Tattoo Folding Knife

Product’s highlights

This Spyderco C28GPFG multi-purpose knife has become familiar for picnic lovers. They are especially loved for their convenience and durability. It is an effective support tool for you in difficult situations in life.

The Spyderco C28GPFG Multi-Purpose Survival Knife with a multitude of functions in 1. It is an important tool that accompanies you in all situations of life.

Spyderco Dragonfly Signature Tattoo Folding Knife with 2.32" VG-10 Steel Blade and Durable Stainless Steel Handle - PlainEdge - C28PT
as of April 9, 2024 11:24 pm

What We Like

  • Sharp 2.28 inch-blade
  • Safe folding knife for users
  • Weight is light
  • Compact design, easy to outdoor carry in your pocket
  • Sharp blade
  • Famous brand 

Things to Consider

  • Product is often out of stock.

Bottom line

According to our objective point, this is one of the best survival knives worth buying. The model Spyderco C28 GPFG made in Japan can do all the work in one knife.

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4. NEWOOTZ Japanese Handmade Damascus Steel Pocket Knife

Product’s highlights

Are you in need of a self-defense tool at home, in the car, at work, for camping, or in emergencies? It is possible with a NEWOOTZ multi-tool. 

The Damascus knife is only compact with a blade length of 3 inches. However, it is strong enough to handle emergencies. The great NEWOOTZ multi-purpose survival knife has a beautiful shape with a unique pattern.

NEWOOTZ Handmade Damascus Steel Pocket Knife with Leather Sheath,Liner Lock Bone Handle,Japanese VG10 Core 2.8in Blade,Folding Knives for Camping and Fishing,EDC for Men and Women
as of April 9, 2024 11:24 pm

What We Like

  • Open with one hand
  • Comfortable handle 
  • Stainless steel material 
  • Follow the manual method
  • Lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects
  • Tradition decorative pattern in Japanese style
  • Master survival knives
  • The decorative pattern is Japanese tang grass

Things to Consider

  • It is not suitable for heavy tasks

Bottom line

The design shows the craftsmanship and delicateness of the knife maker. The stainless steel edge is strong, compact, and sharp. It’s easy to carry when you go on a picnic or anywhere. The Japanese survival knife from NEWOOTZ is an indispensable item for every outing.

5. Spyderco Police 4 Lightweight Folding Knife

Product’s highlights

Spyderco C07PBK4 survival knife with many functions including, knife, saw screwdriver opener. The knife has a rather large size of only 143 mm when folded. The full length is 253 mm. It is suitable to carry with you when going to the forest, picnic in the wild.

The handle has an ergonomic design that makes it very comfortable for the user to hold. It produces a great impact when chopping or cutting hard materials. The steel blade is ultra-sharp and durable in use.

Spyderco Police 4 Lighweight Folding Knife - Black FRN Handle with PlainEdge, Full-Flat, VG-10 Steel Blade and Back Lock - C07PBK4

14 new from $128.80
Free shipping
as of April 9, 2024 11:24 pm

What We Like

  • Weight is light
  • Injection-molded handle
  • High-quality material VG-10 stainless steel 
  • Spyderco brand is reputable in the market

Things to Consider

  • The size is a bit big when put in the bag

Bottom line

In summary, the Spyderco C07PBK4 multi-purpose survival knife is one of the survival knife brands worth buying. With a pretty good price, you already own a good knife with many uses. It helps you to perform many different tasks.

6. Spyderco Dragonfly 2 Lightweight Signature Folding Knife

Product’s highlights

The Spyderco SC28PBK2-BRK is probably one of the best survival knives in the world. It comes with all the standards of a survival knife. It is a great Japanese knife with the sheath and hand. A high-quality knife has super light and very good bearing properties.

The edge is stainless steel. It helps to improve the rust resistance of the knife. However, if you do not properly store the knife, it can rust.

Spyderco Dragonfly 2 Lightweight Signature Folding Knife with 2.28" VG-10 Steel Blade and High-Strength Black FRN Handle - PlainEdge - C28PBK2

14 new from $73.48
Free shipping
as of April 9, 2024 11:24 pm

What We Like

  • Edge is plain 
  • The edge length is 2.28 inches. It is long enough to cut trees
  • Good review
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Friendly to users
  • Blade VG-10 is available
  • Trusted brand

Things to Consider

  • It’s not smooth to open

Bottom line

In addition, the ergonomics of the blade have a rather meticulous design. It gives the blade a nice edge and makes the blade super sharp.

The Spyderco SC28PBK2-BRK Multi-Purpose Survival Knife is suitable for many jobs.

For example, cutting wires, creating fire when accompanied by a survival flint, cutting food, opening cans.

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Buying Guides

1. Tang knife

A straight knife and full tang will be suitable for trekking, climbing, jungle, and exploration activities. These are activities that require knives suitable for survival.

The full tang knife ensures certainty, suitable for heavy work such as cutting trees, clearing.

japanese survival knife battersby 4

Tang knife 

2. Knife size

  • Blade length

Japanese hunting knives, daggers have a length of 12-30 cm. Some knives used for picnics and camping are usually more modest in size. You can choose the knife size depending on the intended use.

  • Knife shank thickness

A survival knife needs to be about 2-3 mm thick. If it is too thin, the knife will be easily damaged under strong impact. As the edge thickens, the knife becomes coarse, heavy, and unwieldy. And not suitable for journeys that move a lot.

3. The knife blade and tip

Depending on the needs of users, you can choose the appropriate blade and tip. A straight blade knife is usually specialized. It is easier to use and maintain than a saw blade. However, there are now several knife lines that combine a straight blade and a partial saw blade. They are often more versatile.

Type of blades

Some common types of blades on the market:

  • Drop-point type

This is a powerful and versatile blade. Thick, solid blade. It is suitable for activities that require a lot of strength, subject to great impact.

  • The Clip-point type

This has a crescent-shaped design on the tip. It is usually thin and sharp. This knife is ideal for jobs that require meticulous, high precision.

  • The Tanto type

These products are very sharp. It is suitable for meticulous work. In addition, they are suitable for chopping, prying, or puncturing hard materials.

Knife tip and blade material

  • Stainless steel 

Stainless steel is an alloy that resists rust and corrosion. So it is very popular when making knives. The proportions of the elements present in the alloy make the steel durable. It has super good corrosion resistance, anti-rust.

  • High-carbon steel 

High-carbon steel has outstanding hardness. However, the resistance to rust and corrosion is not high. If you need a sturdy knife to go to the forest, cut trees, high-carbon steel is a perfect choice.

4. The handle of the knife

The general standard of the knife handle must be safe and firm in the hand.

japanese survival knife battersby 3

Japanese survival knife with a handle made of wood 

There are many types of materials to make the knife handle for Japan hunting knives as follows:

Wooden handle

Handles made of wood often have high aesthetics, solid grip feeling. However, it quickly deteriorates due to moisture and exposure to water.

Rubber handle

It is aesthetically pleasing and feels solid in the hand, not afraid of damage when in contact with water. However, the durability is less than the wooden handle.

Metal handle (steel, aluminum alloy)

Has dark durability but is heavy and slippery, so it is less popular.

5. Knife sheath

The sheath of the knife is very important. The knife sheath helps prevent damage to shared items (in a backpack) and avoid injury.

The knife cover will help you easily put it on your pants, belt for convenient carrying and immediate use.

The general requirement of the knife case is to fit the knife size. It should be durable and thick enough to protect the knife inside.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is VG10?

This is a high-grade chromium-enhanced stainless steel that provides rigidity, anti-fouling, and anti-corrosion.

The VG10 blade is exceptionally sharp with the required toughness. Handling thick foods has never been easier. If properly maintained, blades made from VG10 steel can last for a very long time.

japanese survival knife

Fixed blade knives

2. How to choose a knife related to its intended use?

  • Fixed blade knife

This is a knife with a straight and fixed blade. This trekking knife has relatively high durability. At the same time, you also use it more conveniently, easier to clean than other knives.

However, the fixed knife is heavy and takes up a lot of space in the backpack. Therefore, trekkers often limit carrying this type of knife when trekking.

  • Pocket knife

The pocket knife is the perfect tool for serving the needs of a discovery trip. You can fold the knife and put it in your backpack. In particular, this versatile knife has a handle to protect the blade when you are not using it.

However, pocket knives lack stability compared to stationary knives. Therefore, you should choose a knife with a latch. It will help to prevent the knife from accidentally folding down on your finger while in use.

Final Words 

Above is a list of the best Japanese survival knives for your reference. In addition, we also provide basic knowledge to keep in mind to choose a Japanese hunting knife that is sufficient for the upcoming trip. We wish you to choose a satisfactory knife and have interesting journeys. Don’t forget to support us with a share button with our posts.

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