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How To Store Fresh Rosemary From The Garden?

Rosemary is a herb that is all too familiar to us. There are many dishes that need rosemary to enhance the flavor. However, with spices like rosemary, it will spoil very easily if you do not store it properly. If so, how to store fresh rosemary? In this article, Battersby will go with you to find the answer.

How To Store Fresh Rosemary

Rosemary is really hard to preserve if you’re in cold air. To be able to store fresh rosemary, we show you 4 ways. These ways help rosemary retain its flavor when cooking:

  • Freeze your rosemary.
  • Dry your rosemary.
  • Try rosemary infusion.
  • Make citrus rosemary salt.

1. Freeze your rosemary

how to store fresh rosemary battersby 1

Use a damp paper towel to wrap the fresh rosemary before keeping it in refrigerator

Using the refrigerator

The first place we want to keep rosemary fresh is in the refrigerator. But we don’t just want to push it behind and forget about it. Keeping it dry is the best way to preserve rosemary. But this isn’t always easy to do in the refrigerator. 

Basically, you want to harness the cooling action of the refrigerator to slow down the wasting of herbs. At the same time, you need to keep it safe from the recommended mold.

Simply wrap the rosemary stalks in a slightly damp paper towel. Then place it in a Ziploc bag (tightly sealed container) or storage box. Rosemary will last 1 to 2 weeks this way.

Rosemary is fine as long as it’s bright green and looks fresh. When it turns black or brown and is slightly slimy. It has broken down.

Using the freezer

Freezing rosemary is a great way to keep branches fresh for a long time. You can freeze rosemary at the best time of year. It will still have an herbal aroma at the end of the year. Unlike basil or parsley which have soft leaves. Rosemary can keep its whole intact for longer.

Cut the rosemary stalks into shorter manageable segments, about 6 to 8 inches long. Place the stems in freezer bags or tightly sealed container. Then, place it in the freezer.

Alternatively, you can make ice cube from rosemary. Divide the rosemary into an ice tray, fill with water and freeze. Once the ice has frozen. Transfer the rosemary ice cube to a safe freezer bag until ready to use. You should use frozen rosemary within 4 to 6 months for best results.

2. Dry your rosemary

Drying the rosemary before storing is another good option. Dried rosemary won’t smell like fresh rosemary, but it lasts much longer than frozen or refrigerated. 

You can store rosemary leaves in an airtight container. Or with a mortar and pestle, you can grind them to powder. But you should remove the leaves first. Dried rosemary will last several years when stored properly. For drying, you have many options. These include:

Use a food dehydrator

With its thermostat set to 90 degrees, preheat the dehydrator. In case you live in a high humidity and moisture area. You may need higher temperatures. Sometimes you need to go as high as 125 degrees. Place your rosemary in a single layer on a dehydrating tray. Let it dry for at least an hour. When the rosemary leaf is brittle and crumbly, it is dry.

Oven drying

Place the rosemary sprigs on parchment on a cookie sheet. Then place in the oven at 125 degrees. If you’re willing to wait and have a gas stove. You can let the pilot light do the work. Rosemary is thicker and more woody than most herbs. Meaning that drying can take several days.

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Microwave drying

Spread rosemary sprigs on a layer of paper towels. Place them in the microwave. After that, you should cover it with another layer of paper towel. Microwave over high heat for one minute. Then for 20 seconds each time until the herbs are dry enough to crumble.

how to store fresh rosemary battersby 2

Remove moisture from fresh herbs by drying

Air drying

The hardness of rosemary makes it ideal for air drying. Just hang a bunch of rosemary in any spot in the house where the air is dry and moving.

Take two or three rosemary sprigs. Then tie them together at the base with twine or an elastic band.

Find a dry area in the kitchen where there is no chance of contamination. But preferably where there is direct sunlight. Hang the branches in this area and this is how the drying process begins.

The drying time depends on the climatic conditions of your kitchen. So you just need to keep checking them until the leaves are dry and crispy. If you can grind them to a powder, they are already dry.

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3. Try rosemary infusion

Rosemary with vinegar or olive oil is a great idea. Think of all the salad dressings you’ll be able to quickly put together. One of my favorite ways to use my fresh rosemary is to make bitter rosemary. 

You can soak a few sprigs of rosemary with some grapefruit peel for 2-3 weeks. After filtering out the solids. You can lose the bottle. Then, add a few drops to hot tea or a gin cocktail.

4. Make citrus rosemary salt

how to store fresh rosemary

The last method is using salt to preserve rosemary fresh herbs

One of my favorites during baking season is rosemary citrus salt. Start with a cup of coarse sea salt and add a handful of fresh rosemary leaves, along with lemon zest. Put the dough in a food processor until a smooth texture is achieved. 

Store in a sealed container. With other resinous herbs, this loose recipe works well. For example savory, sage, or thyme. You can serve it on grilled chicken, vegetables, lamb, or steak.


Storing rosemary is not too difficult. You can freeze them in the refrigerator or freezer. Either dry it by hanging in the air or using specialized equipment. Or if you want more unique recipes. Try using butter or salt for a new flavor! Wish you success. If you have any questions about “how to store rosemary”, please contact us via the comments. 

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