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The Only Global Knives Review You Should Read in 2022 – [Expert Guides]

Perhaps we are no stranger to Global. Coming from Japan, the knife Global has gradually proven their quality. These knives have a unique monolithic design, accompanied by lightness while in use. Let’s learn more about this famous knife brand with Battersby in the article Global knives review below!

In-depth Global Knives Review of 2022 on the market

1. Global 20-piece Knife Set – Best for Complete Knife Block Set

Product highlights

The Global 20-piece Knife Set comes with a high price tag and is a quality product. You can totally rely on this Global 20-piece knife set in the kitchen.

The reason we put them in the first place in this global knife review is not too hard to guess. This knife set deserves to be the best complete Global knife block set.

You will find everything you need here. From the convenient 8” Chef’s knife, comes a paring knife and utility knife. In addition, you also have a knife block. The manufacturer has used Walnut wood to bring a sense of luxury and cleanliness.

Global Knife Set - 20 Piece, Walnut Block
as of April 9, 2024 6:47 pm


  • Well balanced cutting.
  • Safe to grip handle.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Durable and reliable.
  • Complete knife block set.


  • You should store them properly or else the edge will wear out.

Bottom line

Together, this best Global knife set will brighten up your kitchen. Surely your guests will admire a lot when they see them.

A small note is that you should store them very carefully. Please wash them by hand and dry them immediately after washing. This will keep the blade sharp and last longer.

2. Global G-79589AU – Best for Durable Use 

Product highlights

Topping our Global review is the company’s best-selling 10-piece Takashi knife set. Which costs the most but packs the best features.

This set includes a chef’s knife, bread knife, utility knife, paring knife, and kitchen scissors. Plus a porcelain sharpener that you can easily sharpen and maintain your blade. 

Professional artisans handcrafted these knives themselves. They used the unique CROMOVA 18 steel. It is comparable to 440A stainless steel. 

Having said that, the material isn’t the most premium, nor the best at keeping an edge. But it is fairly resistant to corrosion and stains. And is less likely to get damaged compared to 440C or VG-10 steel.

Global G-79589AU block-knife-sets

5 new from $699.95
Free shipping
as of April 9, 2024 6:47 pm


  • Razor sharp knife.
  • High quality material.
  • Durable and reliable.
  • Multipurpose.
  • Easy to use.


  • It is not dishwasher safe.

Bottom line

This is the perfect set if you’re simply looking for new cutlery items for your kitchen. Edges will be sharp for many months before needing any attention or maintenance.

Moreover, the blades are ice-tempered as well as hardened to 56-58 degrees on the Rockwell hardness scale. And they have a thin edge capable of cutting through almost anything. No wonder professional and beginner chefs alike endorse this set.

3. Global G-835/WS – Best for Asian Chef

Product highlights

The G-835 is possibly the most impressive Global set. It offers a stainless steel top storage knife block, anything but cheap. The set includes a variety of knives that every chef will also need. 

The knife set provides extra grooves (6 extra slots). So you can place other knives in the block to store them safely. If you do a lot of chopping, trimming, slicing and dicing, this is your right pick.

An attractive stainless steel top block houses the knives. The blades are razor-thin and sharp, do not cause scissors, and easily cut all types of food. Instead of the usual Western-style chamfers, Global knives are precision sharpened to the point of alignment.

Global block-knife-sets, 1, Silver

5 new from $799.95
Free shipping
as of April 9, 2024 6:47 pm


  • Additional Asian knife.
  • Wide varieties of length.
  • Additional slots.
  • Good value for the money.
  • Stain resistant.


  • Misdirecting title of the set.

Bottom line

The only complaint with the G-835 knife set is that it really only has 5 knives and a block. Many people have believed that this set includes six knives, but that is not the case. Small complaints despite this. This is a great set of knives for slicing, dicing and chopping. 

Apart from this minor complaint, this set is great for all kitchens. The sharpness and durability of the blades will save you time in the kitchen while cooking becomes easier.

4. Global Ikasu Knife Block – Best for Professional Use

Product highlights

The Ikasu 7-Piece Knife Set offers a complete knife set every kitchen needs. Perfect for a housewarming gift or for yourself, this set has it all. For the job, you’ll always have the right knife. This set includes a total of six knives, with a wooden block taking up the seventh piece of the set.

They made each knife from a single piece of metal, including the handle. It provides easy grip. In addition, they sharpen the blades with a symmetrical 50/50 bevel, creating an ideal angle for slicing tomatoes and dicing onions.

A bamboo/acrylic knife block is also provided, allowing for safe storage of all your knives. What’s really special about these knives is that they feature a stainless steel handle that adds extra grip to the knife. While also providing a 50/50 bevel for a super smooth edge.

Global 7-piece Ikasu Knife Block Set
as of April 9, 2024 6:47 pm


  • The blades are great for an extremely sharp cut.
  • Razor sharp blades.
  • Lifetime warranty.
  • High quality knives Global.
  • Feel great in your hand.


  • The knife block is mainly plastic.

Bottom line

As for a complete set of knives, this is the go-to recommendation for chefs around the world. And the set is affordable. So there’s no reason for chefs not to have a quality Ikasu set on hand. In our opinion, this is the best Global knife set you can get.

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5. Global Starter Set – Best for Beginner Use

Product highlights

This Global 3-piece starter set includes the G-2 Chef’s knife, the GS-3 Cook’s knife and the GS-38 paring knife. The Global G-2 knife is part of Global’s classic G Series large kitchen knife collection with a blade length of 20cm. It is ideal for everyday food preparation tasks. 

GS-3 Cook’s knives have an outstanding razor-sharp edge to a point on a sharp angle. Keeping a sharper edge for longer. The GS-38 knife is ideal for preparing meat for cooking and preparing small hard vegetables.

Global 3 Piece Starter Set

11 new from $179.95
1 used from $170.43
as of April 9, 2024 6:47 pm


  • Three basic knives to handle most kitchen jobs.
  • Sharp razor blades with 50/50 chamfers for precise cuts.
  • Very affordable knife set.
  • Easy to use.
  • Durable and reliable.


  • There is no block in this knife set.

Bottom line

Global knives material is always the highest quality. This 3-piece set uses the same material as the previous set – Cromova 18 stainless steel. And it is rust, corrosion and stain resistant.

6. Global Kabuto Knife – Best for Sharp Cutting Edge

Product highlights

This knife block set features knives that are similar in style and function to Ikasu. With a detailed and focused black and white block for a modern look that matches any decor. 

Crafted from plastic with a brushed stainless steel finish, this sleek design takes on a modern and crisp take on the classic bamboo look. The block also features a signature acrylic window. That allows you to see the seamless and smooth contours of each blade at first glance. While storing them in a safe and sturdy vertical position for cleaning. 

Global Kabuto Knife Block Set, 7-piece
as of April 9, 2024 6:47 pm


  • Unique, modern and minimalist design.
  • Global classic knives are very popular.
  • Great balance.
  • Very sharp right out of the box.
  • Excellent edge retention.


  • Some people may find it too light.

Bottom line

Another unique feature of Global knives is their convex edge which seems to help keep the edge. Even though they are slightly lower on the Rockwell belt scale than some of their competitors. 

Overall, Global makes high-performance knives that are fun to use in the kitchen. However, they seem to develop rust marks a bit more easily than other knives at this price point. Therefore, never clean them in the dishwasher. And after washing, dry them immediately.

7. Global 8″ Chef’s Knife – Best for Thin Blade

Product highlights

Although the Global knife is about an ounce heavier than the Mac knife, it feels lighter because of its perfect stability. They filled the Global knife’s hollow handle with a precise amount of sand. To ensure the perfect balance between the blades. Which makes the tool feel almost too responsive in your hand. 

More than any other knife we’ve tested, this knife is like an extension of our arm. And as such, we’re able to get the thinnest, most delicate slices of sweet potato and onion.

Global 8" Chef's Knife

11 new from $101.95
Free shipping
as of April 9, 2024 6:47 pm


  • Large blade for convenient cooking.
  • High quality material.
  • Reduce hand fatigue.
  • Suitable for both right and left hands.
  • Premium chef’s knife.


  • Rust spots occasionally appear.

Bottom line

For long-term wear and durability, Global knives are also a top contender. It’s made of a proprietary blend of steel that’s resistant to rust and staining. 

And Epi employees who use the knife at home report that it stays sharp for a long time. And is easy to sharpen when needed. For a bit less money than a Mac knife, we think it’s an option that’s sure to serve you well for years to come.

Buying Guides

global knives review battersby 1

High end knife Global 

1. The company background

Global knives is one of the most famous kitchen knife manufacturing companies in the world. Their sleek modern design and overall bang for the buck put them on the world stage for professionals and home cooks.

Established in 1985 in Niigata Japan. Global Knife started to produce a wide range of kitchen knives. With modern design and manufacturing processes in an industry rich in tradition. Competing in trade shows, Global exploded in popularity in the 1990s and won numerous awards.

2. Types of Global knife

Global keeps it simple with three: Classic, SAI as well as UKON. But they make them become the top knives on the market. 


Featuring a clean and efficient design, we have the Classic Collection. This is the original design of Global, so it has history behind it. This is by far the extensive collection of over 60 knife sets and knives. 

It’s also easy to use thanks to its ergonomic, latch-free grip and hygienic non-slip grip. They covered the handle with small black circular indents on each side to give it a grip and give it a bit of warmth in an all-steel design.

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SAI is the latest collection, designed by Komin Yamada. Samurai sword inspires this design, and features a three-layer textured blade. Individually forged by hand to make it easy to pick up food while you prepare the ingredients. 

There are seven concave black dots on the handle to represent the seven rules of honor and moral principles of the Samurai. For easy cleaning, the knives are also cleverly contoured.


As verified by C.A.T.R.A, UKON knives are 10% sharper. These knives also have a thicker blade for increased performance, thumb rest. And a textured yet smooth ergonomic handle. It also has three rows of black dimples on the blade. 

global knives review battersby 2

Global’s knives

3. Material of the blade

The material of all the Global kitchen knives is proprietary steel called Cromova 18. “Cro” stands for chrome. “Mo” stands for Molybdenum. While “va” means vanadium. While 18 stands for vanadium percentage of chrome in steel. 

This steel is corrosion and rust resistant. Some people have found that lemon-based dish detergent does discolor steel. So make sure to use a lemon-free dish detergent.

GLOBAL knives have a 60’s blade hardness. Theoretically this means the blade will lose its edge faster than other knives but I don’t find that to be the case. In practice, Cromova 18 steel can hold a razor sharp edge longer than any other steel.

4. The sharpness

Another interesting thing is the blades have a straight 15 degree angle. About a quarter of an inch, that tapers back. This long taper helps keep the blade sharper, as well as giving it a razor edge. 

This blade is razor sharp and can cut anything smoothly. The G-2 (Global’s standard chef’s knife) will easily slice through the tomato multiple times. You can slice thinly so that they are transparent.

They tempered the blades to a Rockwell hardness of 56 to 58. Providing the ideal balance between durability and edge retention.

The lower this number, the softer and stronger the steel, and the less likely it is to chip. The higher this number, the harder the steel as well as the longer it holds the edge. But it will wear out quickly. Global knife falls in the middle.

5. The handle

If you know anything about kitchen reviews, you know that anything decent is usually made in two countries, Japan and Germany. German knives tend to be heavier, thicker as well as sturdier. The Japanese Knife is a one-foot-long clay sword, while the Japanese, is an evolution of the nimble and agile katana.

In a Global knife, you can find the Japanese tradition of light and agile blades. It is surprising by how light a Global knife feels compared to what you’re used to. Globals are very light even when you compare them with other Japanese knives. Just 5.5 ounces, the 8-inch G-2 chef knife is lightweight.

The handles of the Global kitchen knives are shaped. You can see from the profile that they are triangular in shape. Holding a handle feels more comfortable than a round Shun handle or a German boxer grip. Many women say that in smaller hands, Global knives feel much more comfortable.

Frequently Asked Questions

global knives review battersby 3

Global knives are made with high quality material

1. Which is better, Global or Wusthof knives?

The design is the most significant difference between Wusthof and Global knives. The Wusthof blade is thick and extends past the end of a wooden or synthetic handle. 

There is a spacer between the blade and the handle to increase balance and prevent your hand from slipping. The Global Knife has a modern design with a stainless steel handle that makes the blade and handle look like one piece.

Wusthof and Global knives are both made of two pieces, blade and handle. But Wusthof’s blades extend over the length of the (full) handle for added stability and balance. 

While Global welds their blades and shanks with each other at the connection point. The Wusthof’s handle is sturdy. While the Global handle is filled with sand to reduce overall weight.

2. Are Global knives dishwasher-safe?

No, they are not. As it may damage the sharp edges of the blade. Heat and detergents commonly used in dishwashers can harm high-carbon stainless steel. Including Cromova 18. 

The right way to wash your Global knives is by hand with warm soapy water. After washing, don’t forget to dry them right away.

global knives review

Well balanced Global knife

3. How are Global knives made? Are they forged or stamped?

Global knives appear to be one piece of stainless steel. However they are actually stamped pieces, then joined together to form knives in the factory. 

It is often said that a knife is “forged by hand”. In this case, they stamped the main parts, but then assembled by hand.

4. What angle should you sharpen a Global knife set?

They sharpened the Global blade to an angle of 10 to 15 degrees. Creating a razor-sharp edge. You should sharpen the knives on a whetstone or ceramic stone.

When compared to Western style knives, this blade is very thin. So you should not make the blade broken by cutting through bone or other hard materials.

5. Is Global knives single or double bevel?

Unlike many other Japanese knives, most Global knives have the same double chamfer as Western knives. However, people sharpened them to a straight edge rather than a beveled edge, thinner and sharper, like their Japanese cousins.


Along with the lifetime warranty, we can use the great knife from Global with confidence. You can choose from knife sets to have the most complete kitchen experience from the global knives review. If you just want to invest in a knife, consider the high end 8 inch chef’s knife. Because it is the best Global knife on the market right now.

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