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What is the Difference Between Left and Right Twix? The Mystery Unfold

As a chocolate fanatic, I’m sure you’ve heard of Twix. This is a milk chocolate with cookies inside and caramel. Its taste is really crunchy and sweet. However, there was once a controversy between two packages: Left Twix and Right Twix. Are they really identical, or what’s the difference between left and right twix? Battersby will help you find the answer in this article!

Is there a difference between left and right twix?

The answer is Yes. Based on Twix Factory, they pointed out that there are a few differences. Left Twix is credited as chocolate with caramel dripping and a cracker inside. Right Twix is wrapped in chocolate with layered caramel and a cracker inside. Left Twix bathed in chocolate, while Right Twix had to wear a chocolate robe. 

difference between left and right twix battersby 1

Some says both Twix are identical, but we don’t think so

The long ‘best side of Twix’ campaign has gone on for a long time with the company asking people which side they prefer.

In the DeSide convention, Left and Right Twix fanatics gathered to complete a questionnaire about their likes, clothing preferences, and social media likes and dislikes. The results show that the two sides have nothing in common, which is completely shocking.

This competition paved the way for people to study the two sides of chocolate chip cookies and dig deeper into their characteristics.

Brand director Michelle Diagnan even joined in the fun and stated that Twix fans are all the same but have differences in the aspects they choose.

So many people were involved in the campaign that they scrutinized the two sides. According to modern-day Twix rival factories, the two are not the same.

Yes, both chocolate bars are made with chocolate, but they differ in a few ways. Looking at the manufacturing process, you’ll see that Right Twix is cloaked in chocolate with cascaded caramel properly. And inside boasts a cracker.

The Left twix, however, is different. It is also enrobed in chocolate, but with drizzled caramel. And in contrast to the Twix on the right, inside the Twix on the left is a cracker.

The difference between the two Twix bars is clear at the moment. One boasts a cracker, while the other, the Right Twix, has a cracker inside.

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What did the manufacturer say about the difference between right and left twix?

difference between left and right twix battersby 2

Official difference about the timing when the Twix is created by Mars

In fact, Mars Chocolate never made an official statement. Just as they have never decided whether there is a difference between the left twix and right twix bars. 

But there is a saying that has been admitted to be absolutely true. It’s about the production hours of these twix chocolate bars.

Twix bars must be packaged in the same location as the other Twix at Twix Union Packaging Company. They pack Right Twix between 12pm. and 11pm, the other is packed from 12am to 11am.

However, we know that this answer will not satisfy fans. So we have compiled a list of some differences between left and right twix bar.

Difference between left and right twix compilation

For almost a decade now, the Mars company has captured people’s imaginations that there is a big difference between Left Twix and Right Twix, when there really isn’t. Their commercials flood television viewers every year, especially when Halloween comes around.

Many Twix candy bar advocates believe that the Twix candy bar on the left is quite different from the Twix candy bar on the right. Here are some of the arguments they make.

difference between left and right twix

There are visual differences like the packaging and labeling

1. Opinions about the Left twix

In the Left Twix factory, caramel flows over cookies.

The Left twix is bath chocolate.

If you compare the cross sections, Left Twix has more cookies and less caramel.

With a lighter cookie layer, Left Twix has an extra layer of caramel that will absorb it.

The Twix on the left has less tension in the caramel than the Twix on the right.

Left Twix has a relatively thicker caramel ‘blanket’.

Left Twix has better tension on caramel than Right Twix.

Left Twix is crisper and sweeter because the cookie is combined with chocolate then mixed with caramel. One factor that makes the biscuits inside more crunchy.

The Twix fruit is written in red on the white label.

2. Opinions about the Right twix

In the Right Twix factory, they made chocolate with cascaded caramel and cookie inside.

Right Twix wrapped in chocolate.

Right Twix has more caramel and fewer cookies.

Right Twix has less caramel presented and slightly darker cookies that fade towards the middle.

The right twix seems to be wider than the left twix.

Right Twix has a relatively slightly thinner layer of caramel.

Right Twix is crispy and has a sweeter taste because the cookies are wrapped in chocolate with layered caramel.

On a red label, Right Twix is written in white.

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What is the popularity between two Twix chocolate bars?

As long as consumers are still trying to figure out the difference between the left and right Twix, both remain the talk of the town. Therefore, they have the same level of popularity. But those who have eaten at these favorite bars and noticed some difference have chosen their favorite.

For those who love stronger flavors, they will choose the right Twist as their favorite. For consumers who love a more crunchy feel, the Twist on the left seems to be their all-time favorite. According to the national taste challenge, most fans have rightly chosen Twist as their favorite bar.

Which Twix label sells better?

It could be said that both sides of Twix sold more. This is because the difference between them is very small. So people will buy randomly.

Another thing that makes these chocolate bars sell well is that many people buy them to compare and distinguish. Comparative buyers are likely to purchase both brands at the same time.

It seems that the marketing strategy that the Mars chocolate company started working on worked in their favor. Many people continue to buy more of these bars to compare. As long as fans are still trying to figure out the difference, both bars will continue to sell more and generate revenue for the company.


Those are some of the differences Battersby found between left twix vs right twix in these posts. It could be the difference in texture of chocolate, cookies, and caramel. It could also be a difference in package. Or the time difference. But one thing is undeniably their sweet taste and worldwide popularity.

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