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Costco Pizza Instructions: How To Heat Up And Upgrade Your Pizza

Pizza is a traditional Italian food. However, it is now popular all over the world with many lovers. To make a pizza requires a lot of steps. But now you can eat pizza whenever with ready-made pies.

One of the famous ready-made pizza brands is Costco pizza, with thousands of pies sold every day.

If you also intend to buy Costco pizza uncooked but do not know how to cook Costco pizza, then the pizza instructions below are the article for you.

How To Bake Costco Pizza

Costco pizza is a way for you to eat pizza whenever you want. It offers you both fresh and frozen pizzas so you can stock up. Before eating, you will remove those cakes from the refrigerator to reheat them to make them more delicious.

In this article, Battersby will show you Costco pizza directions and Costco frozen pizza instructions. Follow the steps below and follow the kirkland pizza instructions for the best results.

Using the oven

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Using the oven to reheat pizza 

The oven is the perfect way to heat pizza. The expensive pizzas you eat outside are also baked in the oven rack. So how do you bake Costco pizza so you can enjoy the taste of uncooked pizza from the store right in your own home?

  • Step 1: Take the frozen pizza out of the freezer before eating
  • Step 2: Preheat oven to 425-450 degrees F for 10 minutes
  • Step 3: While waiting for the oven to heat, cut off the packaging and plastic wrap the frozen pizza
  • Step 4: After the oven is hot, you can put the mozzarella cheese pizza directly into the oven without lining.
  • Step 5: Continue to turn the oven rack on and wait for the cake to bake for about 20 minutes.
  • Step 6: After 20 minutes, check the heat and crispiness of the cake. You can also check it by looking at the cheese on the top.
  • Step 7: After checking and making sure to complete the cooking process, take it out carefully.

In theory, the cake should be crispy but only have a crisp bottom crust. The cake is scorching at this point, and if you take it out carelessly, you may lose it.

Use an oil-free fryer

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Use an oil-free fryer 

An air fryer is an invention that helps and dramatically improves people’s quality of life. Air fryers are cheaper and smaller in size than oven rack, so more families will choose from them.

Many people think it is impossible to heat frozen pizza with an air fryer, but with Battersby, nothing is impossible.

  • Step 1: The air fryer has the advantage that you don’t need to take the frozen pizza out of the freezer before following the Costco pizza baking instructions. However, you still need to preheat the air fryer for about 5 minutes.
  • Step 2: Removing the packaging is a must as it can interfere with the cooking process. Moreover, the packaging is mostly plastic, and if put in place with high temperatures, the plastic will melt and affect your health.
  • Step 3: Put the cake in the pot and bake for 15 minutes. Since the size of the air fryer is smaller, the heat will be completely concentrated on the cake. Perhaps that is why the baking time will be faster.
  • Step 4: Check the cake often because the high heat and small space in the air fryer can cause your cake to burn. If the cake has not reached the desired temperature, you can adjust the time.
  • Step 5: Taking the cake out of the air fryer will be a bit difficult. You need to have the tool and take it out skillfully. With just slight negligence, you can also make the cheese pizza face down on the ground.

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Use a pan

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Use a pan to reheat the Pizza 

If an oven or air fryer is too expensive for you to invest in, indeed, everyone should have a pan. So you can learn Costco pizza cooking instructions to make a delicious pizza in golden brown.

  • Step 1: Use a non-stick pan to heat the pizza. If you are not confident about the non-stick pan, you can use an extra piece of foil.
  • Step 2: Make sure your pan is dry, then add the pizza. It would be best if you kept a low heat to heat the pizza evenly. If your frozen pizza is too cold, you can cover it to seal in the heat.

Making it with a cook homemade pizza pan sounds easy, but it’s more challenging when you’re using an oven or air fryer.

Using a pan requires constant observation, and if you are just a little distracted, your pizza will have black burnt patches. 

How To Upgrade Your Costco Pizza Instructions

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How To Upgrade Your Pizza 

Although Costco pizza offers many flavors, it may not be enough to meet the needs of many people. So you can buy a frozen pizza and upgrade it to the version that’s more suitable for you.

Some suggestions for upgrading the cheese pizza are to add the fillings you want. These will be your own how-to-cook golden brown pizza tutorials.

Step 1: You must have a pizza to upgrade it. 

If you can’t find the one you like, you can order Costco’s door-to-door delivery service. However, if you use this type of service, it will take some time to wait.

Another option if you want to make your own unique kirkland frozen pizza, you can buy the base separately. You can find cake pans from many different brands, including Costco’s, in the freezer.

Step 2: Choose the filling you want

This is a crucial step, determining the flavor of your pizza. Whether you’re using a pre-made pizza or making a new version yourself, it’s essential to pay attention to the ingredients.

The flavors of the ingredients need to be harmonious and reasonable in combination.

One trick that you can use to enhance the taste of ready-made pizzas is to increase the elements according to the available fillings. If you make your own, you have to balance the flavors between the parts to be harmonious.

Step 3: Measure the quantity

You need to buy a reasonable amount of ingredients for your pizza. If you use too few ingredients, it will not be enough to make and not satisfying. On the contrary, if you buy too much, it will be a waste because you cannot use it all.

Step 4: Preliminary ingredients

To make a pizza with rotisserie chicken, you need many different ingredients such as vegetables, meats, and kirkland signature frozen cheese. You need to pre-process and clean the components before putting them on the cake.

Step 5: Arrange the ingredients

This step is not so important, but it will affect the appearance of the Kirkland pizza. You should arrange the ingredients with alternating colors for a more eye-catching effect. This arrangement will also help the final flavors harmonize.

You also need to note a layer of sauce on the bottom before adding the filling to make the cake richer and softer.

In addition, you need to cover it with a layer of kirkland signature frozen cheese on top after completing the arrangement so that the ingredients can stick together.

Step 6: Finish the product

Once everything is available, take your cake to bake. You can also save time by turning on the oven first. The total time to start up the oven and bake will take about 30 minutes.

Step 7: Enjoy your pizza

Once it’s done baking, carefully remove your cake from the oven. You need to be careful at this stage because just a little carelessness will make your preparation efforts disappear.

The cake is hot right now, and it’s also the best time, so everyone should eat it right away. You can cut the cake into pieces to share with everyone or make it easier to eat. If you do not have specialized cutting tools in your home, scissors are a reasonable choice.

Reasons Why People Choose Costco Pizza

costco pizza instructions

Reasons Why People Choose Costco Pizza 

On the market today, there are many frozen pizza brands for people to choose from. But Costco pizza is still at the top of this list.

So let’s find out what is so special about pizza that attracts so many consumers. You can see unbiased user reviews in the Costco Frozen Pizza video.

Costco frozen pizza produces a wide variety of flavors for people to choose from. It is this variety that makes many people interested and want to try all kinds.

Moreover, the ingredients for making Costco pizza are all excellent quality, so the quality of the bake pizza is better than other frozen pizzas.

In fact, other frozen pizzas are cheaper but not as good as Costco.

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Many customers, after using it, rate the taste as no different from eating in a luxury restaurant. You can also easily have a bake pizza crust crispy with the Costco take and bake pizza instructions. So the price is very reasonable for such quality.

Now people are more conscious of paying attention to nutrition in their diets.

Understanding this issue, Costco pizza quickly added detailed ingredients and calories per product packaging. Just this one small factor can make a big difference between pizza brands.


Costco frozen pizza is the first choice of many people because of its convenience, price, and quality service.

You won’t need to worry if you suddenly want to eat a hot Kirkland pizza at night. With the above instructions, Battersby believes that you will quickly successfully cook Kirkland frozen pizza for yourself. 

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