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Can You Eat Starfish? The Truth About Edible Starfish

Have you ever thought that starfish could become a dish? Starfish, that’s right, are starfish lying under the sea. They often cling to the coral reefs that we often see in movies.

Many people wonder if these starfish are edible. Can you eat a starfish? They are so hard. But rest assured! It is a delicious edible starfish dish.

Let’s also learn about this unique dish through the eyes of Battersby!

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Starfish can be a delicious dish 

Can You Eat Starfish?

When talking about starfish, people also think that this animal is only for viewing, but no one can eat it. The skin is rough, and there is not much meat to enjoy. Do people eat starfish? But no, China’s food markets make starfish into very famous street food. Eating starfish brings you many new experiences.

The meat of starfish is very delicious and precious. It contains many key nutrients.

Hence, it is possible to take the meat of starfish to process into some dishes that nourish the body in people with reduced resistance. Postpartum women and children with signs of rickets should also eat this dish.

Let’s see the experiences of some customers when trying this dish via this video!

What Is a Starfish?

Starfish is an invertebrate animal. Starfish have mollusks in the form of a 5-pointed star (sometimes multi-pointed) or a pentagon. Their size is from several tens of centimeters or more.

They have laterally flattened bodies, tapering towards the wingtips. Tiny mouth and anal openings are at opposite poles. Their skin has a lot of spines like sand dollars.

It moves based on a hydraulic water vascular system.

can you eat starfish

Starfish are edible 

Is It Harmful to Eat Starfish?

There are more than 1,500 starfish species in the world’s oceans. They distribute throughout the seas and oceans, except in freshwater areas.

Some species are poisonous starfish. They are incredibly dangerous.

Some species are safe to eat.

Therefore, you need to examine starfish species before exploiting starfish carefully. If it is not poisonous, you need to remove the stomach and intestines and clean them before cooking.

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Is Starfish Good for Health?

Edible starfish contains many key nutrients that are beneficial to the human body. There are about 22 grams of protein in 2.5 ounces of starfish.

Although it is a nutritious dish, there is no sugar or carbs in starfish meat. In general, starfish is a portion of healthy food, and the price is relatively high.

Which Starfish Is Poisonous?

There are many types of poisonous starfish. Here are three typical examples:

  • Leather star
  • Sun star
  • Thorns starfish

Of the three types above, the crown of thorns is the most harmful. Its food is coral. It can grow to a maximum of 3 feet in diameter and has up to 21 arms.

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Thorns starfish are very poisonous 

Starfish Taste Like the Taste of Sea Urchins, Right?

The taste of starfish is challenging to describe. Many people think that the starfish taste is similar to the smell of sea urchins or river crabs in China.

You can awaken your taste buds with a soft and creamy texture. Sometimes you may even feel a bitter taste. It depends on the taste of each person.

There are many controversies and rumors regarding starfish taste. Some people think it tastes like sea urchin (closely related) or ocean water.

Some say that its texture is like toothpaste and ground beef. Others say starfish has no taste. If you try and don’t feel the pronounced flavor of starfish, the best way is to have it with sauce.

Can I Eat Raw Starfish?

No, you need to prepare it carefully before eating. It can be fatal if it is not “surgically removed” all its stomach and intestines.

Most other sea creatures can safely eat starfish because they secrete logisterase. Therefore, starfish can be “safely digested” by most animals.

How Can I Cook Starfish?

The coastal cities are where there is always fresh seafood. It won’t be too difficult for you to come across some exotic dishes like starfish at these places.

Qingdao is a busy coastal city. The seafood here is very diverse. In addition to the usual seafood dishes, entire starfish has become a trendy dish.

You can easily find starfish here. Most people usually consider starfish not to be a food, but here they are very popularly sold.

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Fried starfish 

Fried Starfish

Today, fried starfish have become a snack in the most famous tourist attractions in Beijing. Dried starfish will have a sharp, rough, and hard outer shell-like armor. It can be deep-fried in a deep fryer or grill.

Boiled Starfish

In addition, Qingdao reputable sellers can also use the boiling method to cook starfish. The cooking time is five to eight minutes in the boiling water.

Then take it out and put it in a bowl of cold water for about 15 seconds. Of course, we cannot hold such a starfish and eat it.

Eating star fish must have its tricks. First, people will beat one of its arms. Then insert a hard object into the center of the crack and pull it apart. Now everyone can enjoy its delicious starfish meat on its delightful side.

According to the vendors here, eating starfish is almost like eating crabs. The flesh tasted like the brain area of a crab. The inside is very succulent, soft, sometimes even tastes like sea urchins.

If you have never eaten river crab or sea urchin, you can hardly imagine the taste of these starfish. This dish is also very picky eaters. Tourists are often curious and want to try. However, sometimes they don’t feel like this taste.

Moreover, its price is also higher than that of ordinary seafood. However, this is an exciting dish, a must-try once in a lifetime.

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What Is The Use of Starfish?

Here are a few of the many medicinal uses of starfish:

  • Fight against the aging of the body
  • Improve immunity
  • Improve memory for the brain
  • Fight body fatigue
  • Support human growth and development
  • Accelerate wound healing after surgery
  • Strengthens the body’s resistance to help the body recover quickly.
  • Replenish blood qi, support treatment of diseases of high blood pressure and atherosclerosis.
  • It helps balance blood sugar.
  • It helps improve frequent urination at night.
  • It helps to reduce wrinkles, increase moisture and become more elastic.

Final Thoughts

Are starfish edible? Can you eat starfish? Now you know that this is quite a unique dish. It may be prevalent in China, but many countries have not yet embraced it as a food. If you can come to China, try it at least once to experience its taste.